Guoan’s AFC Champions League surpasses Seoul FC, continuing the momentum of the Super League team

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=466802e31017da790a37b785b038a5ce - Guoan’s AFC Champions League surpasses Seoul FC, continuing the momentum of the Super League teamGuoan defeated Seoul FC 2-1. Photo/Social Media

Beijing News (Reporter Zhou Xiao) Following Shanghai Shenhua and Shanghai SIPG in the AFC Champions League, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan continued tonight the Chinese Super League team in the AFC Champions League Good momentum, defeated Seoul FC 2-1.

Because there was already a match with Chiang Rai United in February, today’s clash with Seoul FC is not the first match of Beijing Guoan’s AFC Champions League. The AFC Champions League match between China and South Korea was held at the Education City Stadium. A few days ago, Shanghai Shenhua defeated Perth’s glory on this venue. Whether Guoan can continue Shenhua’s good fortune becomes one of the highlights. After the Guoan game tonight, Shenhua will play”relay” again, and will play against Ulsan Hyundai.

In this game, Vieira, who missed the final stage of the Super League due to injury, entered the bench list. In the starting lineup, Genesio still kept Housen guarding the goal. Li Lei, Yu Yang, Jin Minzai and Wang Gang formed the back line, Augusto, Chi Zhongguo, Zhang Xizhe and Fernando sits in the midfield, and Alan and Zhang Yuning partner up the front line.

Despite the lack of Bacambu and Vieira, the offense of the Guoan team has not been compromised. In the 8th minute of the opening, Alan started offensively from the wing and Fernando took the lead with Zhang Yuning’s assist. In the 60th minute, Alan succeeded with a long shot and expanded the score to 2 to 0. After 5 minutes, Jin Minya fouled a handball in the penalty area. Seoul FC pulled the score to 1 to 2 with this point kick.

Guoan coach Renesio replaced Zhang Yuning and Alan with Li Ke and Wang Ziming in the 68th minute. Alan, who played well in this campaign, expressed his puzzlement to the coach when he left the field. Guoan’s original dominance also changed the situation on the field, and became extremely passive under the opponent’s wild attack. Fortunately, Hou Sen tried to keep the goal, keeping the score of 2-1 to the end, helping the team win two consecutive AFC group matches.

Beijing News reporter Zhou Xiao

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