How does Obama view Putin, Merkel and other leaders? He said this in his memoirs…

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On November 17, the former US President Obama’s first work”The Promised Land” after leaving office Published simultaneously in 25 languages ​​around the world, once sold, it topped the bestseller list.

“The Promised Land” is the first volume of Obama’s memoirs. It reviews the various experiences of the 44th president of the United States, including his interactions with leaders of major powers. So, what impression did the leaders of various countries leave on him?

Former British Prime Minister Cameron

In Obama’s view, this one has worked in the Eton College was educated and the Conservatives who served as the prime minister of the United Kingdom from 2010 to 2016 were “polite and confident” and possessed “relaxed self-confidence, as if they had never been under the pressure of life”.

Obama said that he has a good impression of Cameron.”I personally like him, even when we are fighting.”

But Obama also made no secret of his disapproval of Cameron’s economic policies. He wrote:”Cameron adheres to the orthodoxy of the free market. He promised voters that the program of reducing deficits and reducing government services, as well as regulatory reforms and expanding trade, will usher in a new era of British competitiveness.””On the contrary, it is foreseeable. However, the British economy will fall further into recession.”

Russian President Putin

CNN pointed out that in the past, when Obama met When Putin, reporters were often happy to interpret the body language of both sides.

Obama wrote that Putin is not eye-catching in size. Although he is not tall, he is very strong, like”a wrestler.” In addition, Putin has”sand-yellow hair, a tall nose, and dim but alert eyes…I noticed that his movements are very casual, and there is a habitual dullness in his voice.” Obama believes that this shows that Putin is a man. People used to being in power.

The Russian leader also reminded Obama of the political tycoons he met in Chicago in his early years. The difference is that the former”has nuclear weapons and the United Nations Security Council veto power.”

Former French President Sarkozy

Described by Obama Said, the former French president has a dark complexion and has obvious Mediterranean characteristics (Sarkozy has Hungarian and Greek Jewish descent). His figure is not tall, like”Toulouse-Lautrec paintings.” People in”.

Speaking of speaking, the former French president is always”excited and exaggerated.””The conversation with Sarkozy was sometimes interesting and sometimes annoying. His hands kept moving. With his chest straight, his private interpreter…always by his side desperately imitating his every move, the tone of the conversation changed from flattery to rant, and then to insight.”

However, Obama also appreciates Sarkozy’s”grand, charismatic and fanatical energy.”

German Chancellor Merkel

According to Obama’s memories , Merkel has big eyes, bright blue. Her eyes”sometimes depressed, sometimes happy, and sometimes sad. Her indifferent appearance also reflects her serious and analytical sensitivity.” In Obama’s view, Merck, who had worked in scientific research, He is”steady, honest, rigorous thinking, and instinctively kind.” He also broke the news that Merkel was skeptical of him at first because of his high talk and presentation skills.”I didn’t feel offended. As a German leader, it may be normal to feel disgusted with possible incitement.”

Turkish President Erdogan

Erdogan is regarded as a”political strongman,” but Obama found that the Turkish leader was”warm and friendly and generally responded to my requests.”

“But whenever I listen to him speaking, his tall body is slightly bent, and his sonorous voice will rise by an octave from time to time, in response to all kinds of dissatisfaction or offense. I am deeply impressed that as long as he retains his power, his commitment to democracy and the rule of law may continue.”

Israeli Prime MinisterNetanyahu

CNN stated that Obama and the Israeli prime minister have a bad relationship, and the latter prefers Trump.

Obama described him as “a player with a square chin, three-dimensional features, and gray hair. He is smart, shrewd, and tough, and speaks fluent Hebrew and English.”< /p>

For this”political evergreen tree”, Obama described”Netanyahu as achieving his goal At times, he may be charming and even considerate.””But he considers himself the main defender of the Jewish people against disasters, which allows him to defend almost everything that allows him to remain in power. He is very vocal about American politics and the media. His familiarity also gave him confidence that he could withstand any pressure that a Democratic government like me might try to exert.”

Former Indian Prime Minister Singh


p > Obama recalled:”He was a gentle, soft-spoken economist in his 70s. He had a white beard and a headscarf. This is a sign of his belief in Sikhism, but in the eyes of Westerners , He has the temperament of a saint…”

From 1991 to 1996, Singh served as Minister of Finance of India and promoted the”new economy Policy” to carry out drastic reforms to the Indian economy. Like everyone else, Obama also regards him as”the chief architect of India’s economic transformation.””I will describe him as wise, thoughtful, and meticulous.”

In Obama’s view, Singh is still a”humbly technocrat. He won the trust of the people, not by catering to their enthusiasm, but by improving living standards and maintaining an immortal reputation.” .

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