How was the universe born? (One)

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Looking up at the starry sky, have we asked ourselves a question, how did the universe come from?

This question is difficult. To solve this problem, we need great wisdom. Today we will follow the answers explored by the predecessors and try to solve them.

First, let’s take a look at how religion answers this question.

The first answer:God created the universe.

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Several major religions in the world, such as Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism, all believe that the universe was created by the supreme god. They believe that the operation of the universe is so precise that it must be created by an extremely intelligent body, and it cannot be a natural occurrence.

However, we are obviously aware of a problem:then, God or the Creator, how did she come? The answers of several major religions are exactly the same, they think so. God is omnipotent, exists eternally, and can be separated from the logical framework. In other words, God has always existed, before the birth of the universe.

Because it is out of the logical framework, God is not born.

I generally don’t think about this kind of viewpoint that is out of the logical framework, because without other evidence, we cannot For authenticity judgment.

Next, let’s look at the second argument:The Buddhist view.

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Buddhism, don’t think it is a religion, but it is an atheistic religion, so Buddhism does not think that God created the universe.

First of all, Buddhism believes that all dharma is empty. In other words, everything is false and non-existent, which means that the entire universe is a dream. And this dream is produced by delusion.

The universe is a matter of origin and death. It is born because of predestined condition, and die by predestined condition. This is the Buddhist view of the universe, a universe like a dream.

However, there are still unresolved problems with this view. I can treat the universe as nonexistent, it can be a dream. But it is impossible for the dreamer to not exist. As Descartes famously said, I think, therefore I am. Since there are dreams, there must be dreamers. And how did this dreamer come from? Or, according to Buddhism, this dreamer is just a kind of consciousness, so how is this consciousness born?

For this problem, the Buddhist explanation is that everyone has a self-nature, that is, consciousness. Self-nature is immortal. There is no beginning and no end. After careful analysis, we will find that the same as the previous statement about how God was born, they are all eternal existences and need to be separated from the logical framework to explain them. Therefore, the Buddhist view, in my opinion, is the same as the interpretation of other religions. The essence of is actually the same as that of eternal beings who created the universe.

Okay, after understanding religion’s view on the origin of the universe, let’s take a look at the scientific community’s answer to the question of the birth of the universe.

Scientists believe that the universe is composed of a Singularity, formed after a big explosion 13.8 billion years ago. The theoretical basis has two main points.

First point, Hubble’s Law.

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We found that the redshift of galaxies is proportional to the distance between galaxies, that is to say, the farther the galaxy, the greater the speed away from the earth, thus deducing that the galaxies in the universe are all in Away from each other.

The second point is the observation of the cosmic microwave background radiation.

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If the universe originated from a singularity with extremely high density and extremely high temperature, then there was a big bang The early universe must be very hot. If the early universe was in a high temperature state, even after tens of billions of years of space expansion and cooling, these heats would not disappear.

Therefore, there are still more than absolute zero in the current universe Background radiation, this is the cosmic microwave background radiation, and we have indeed observed it. According to observations, the cosmic microwave background radiation is very uniform, no matter which direction you observe, you will receive the same background radiation, and the temperature is about 2.725 degrees Kelvin. Evidence of cosmic microwave background radiation shows that the early universe was in a state of high temperature and high density.

So, from these two points, The Big Bang Theory has a complete logical chain, strong evidence, and closer to the truth. However, there is still an important unresolved issue, that is:Why is there the Big Bang?

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In this regard, some scientists believe that there is not only one universe. Some universes were created by the Big Bang, and some were not created by the Big Bang. And some universes are empty and nothing. This is the multiverse theory.

Therefore, Our universe was created by the Big Bang because it came randomly, which explains why the Big Bang problem occurred . However, according to this theory, the problem of the origin of a single universe has become a problem of the origin of multiple universes. How the multiverse was born cannot be further explained.

Therefore, there is still no complete explanation about how the universe was born.

Then how to solve this problem?

Please use your brains and think about it. Do you have a good answer? As for my personal opinion, please see the next article:”How was the universe born?” (Two)”

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