Huawei Hu Houkun:5G module drops to 44 US dollars by the end of 2022, industry applications will explode

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Dongfang.com·Zongxiang News reporter Chen Chen

On November 20th, the 2020 China 5G+ Industrial Internet Conference was held in Wuhan. At the meeting, Hu Houkun, the rotating chairman of Huawei, said in a speech that the current industrial Internet has entered a period of rapid development, regardless of whether it is for 5G equipment Still put forward new requirements for 5G optimization.

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In terms of 5G usage scenarios, Hu Houkun mentioned that the current 5G network layout is underground, and all base stations must undergo explosion-proof transformation to control the transmission power below 6 watts. He took the steel industry as an example. If 5G remote control is provided for a steel workshop, about 10 should be deployed in a workshop of 200 to 300 square meters. 5G base station. However, steel plants have a lot of metal equipment. Based on such high-density base stations, many problems such as basic signal reflection and interference will occur.

“We have now worked with major operators, various industries, companies, and industry organizations to study how to face new scenarios. We will provide new capabilities and solve this problem through innovation.

In terms of 5G terminal innovation, Hu Houkun revealed that more than 60 5G modules have been launched in less than a year. However, compared with more than 1,400 4G modules on the market, the number of 5G modules needs to be greatly increased, and the price needs to be significantly reduced.

Hu Houkun said:”It is expected that the 5G module is expected to drop to the level of US$100 by the end of this year. I think these moves are a huge boost to the data of the entire 5G module. Huawei predicts that by the end of 2022 , The module will drop to 44 US dollars, which will promote the explosive growth of industry applications.”