Hubei enterprise endowment insurance will implement provincial overall planning next year

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On November 20, it was learned from the press conference of the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee that our province will implement provincial-level corporate endowment insurance from January 1, 2021, and the funds will be collected at the provincial level. , Unified support, unified management, and coordinated deployment and use within the province. This reform is conducive to balancing the burdens of various regions and preventing and dissolving the risk of payment of pension benefits.

The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security introduced that the implementation of the provincial-level overall planning of enterprise endowment insurance is the basis for achieving national overall planning. The higher the level of pension insurance co-ordination, the broader the coverage, the higher the co-ordination efficiency, the stronger the mutual assistance and mutual aid of the system, and the safer and more stable the operation. At present, our province takes counties and districts as the basic coordinating area and adopts the adjustment system to basically ensure that pension benefits are paid on time and in full. Due to differences in the level of economic development in different regions, different insurance participation structures, uneven distribution of surplus funds, and accelerated population aging, the coordination of the adjustment system is insufficient, and it is urgent to upgrade the level of coordination.

According to our understanding, our province will make uniform regulations on the scope of insurance coverage, payment ratio, payment base, etc., to clarify the five types of benefits paid by the fund, as well as the handling methods for illegal payment and repeated receipt of benefits. The way of enrollment implements two paths:”insurance by the unit” and”insurance as an individual”. Cross-regional migrants in the province no longer go through the transfer and connection procedures, instead they are merged by the place of receiving benefits when they retire. Enterprise endowment insurance The policy system is more complete. In addition to the implementation of unified handling procedures throughout the province, the establishment of a centralized and unified social insurance information system for corporate employees at the provincial level, which can be accessed by cities and counties, and supports Internet terminals and mobile terminals, which can promote”off-site operations”,”local operations” and”handheld operations” , The service is more convenient.

As the focus and core of this reform, our province will unify the fund revenue and expenditure management, the province’s fund revenue and expenditure, the revenue and expenditure will be separated, and the full amount will be paid. The premiums collected by local taxes will be paid directly to the provincial level, and the provincial level will transfer the funds to the localities, and the local social security agencies are responsible for distributing them to the retirees. In principle, all localities keep a reserve fund of 0.5 months, and all the remaining balance funds are collected at the provincial level within a time limit. Beginning in 2021, adopt the procedures of municipal and county establishment and provincial-level review and release to prepare provincial fund budgets and implement full budget supervision to ensure stronger guarantees.

Our province will, in accordance with the three levels of province, city, and county, in accordance with the principle of grading responsibility and gap sharing, jointly assume the responsibility for the timely and full payment of pension benefits, and gradually improve the correspondence of rights and obligations, and the relationship between powers and financial rights. A sharing mechanism that combines matching, incentives, and constraints to ensure timely and full payment. Implement policies, extend coverage of insurance coverage, fund collection, financial investment, payment verification, guarantee distribution, handling services, fund supervision and other tasks in various regions, including the performance target assessment of the city and state party and government leadership teams and the county economic assessment, and the completion status Good places will be rewarded, and places with poor completion will be held accountable.

The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Finance said that the implementation of provincial-level corporate endowment insurance is a key measure to promote the sustainable development of the endowment insurance system, which can improve the level of fund coordination and mutual aid protection capabilities, and rationally balance regional Fund burden. The financial department will pay close attention to the operation of the fund, plan ahead, strengthen analysis and judgment, make a good fund revenue and expenditure budget, and monitor the operation of the province’s funds in real time; accelerate the transfer of state-owned capital to enrich the social security fund, continue to expand the scale of the fund, and effectively enhance the resistance of the fund Risk capacity; in accordance with the requirements of powers and expenditure responsibilities, clarify the responsibilities of provincial and city and county pensions, and establish a mechanism for sharing fund gaps between provinces and cities and counties; according to local fund expenditure needs, coordinate insurance premium income, financial subsidies and central adjustment funds Etc., make reasonable arrangements and precise allocation of funds to ensure that pensions are paid in full and on time.

The relevant person in charge of the Hubei Provincial Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation said that the taxation department will further implement the collection and management policies and build a provincial social insurance fee collection and management system that matches the business management system of the human resources and social departments in our province. There are 18 enterprise endowment insurance handling systems across the province to realize the interaction of provincial-level human resources and taxation data, and to prepare for the provincial-level collective collection system for enterprise endowment insurance. After the enterprise pension insurance is coordinated at the provincial level, the tax department will neither change the current reporting method of the enterprise nor change the payment base calculation rules. What is changed is the processing method of the system backstage. Enterprises and flexible employees still pay in the current way. Enterprises pay their fees through the Hubei Provincial Electronic Taxation Bureau or through channels such as the tax service office of the competent tax authority, the tax collection window of the government service hall, and other channels. Flexible employees can also use third-party payment (WeChat, Alipay, cloud flash payment) platforms and local collaboration Bank mobile APP and Ehui Office APP handle payment. (Reporter Deng Wei)

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