Indian farmers are uprising! Hold high the banner of communism

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According to the Associated Press, a day later on the 27th local time, there was an incident with the police. After the conflict, thousands of angry Indian farmers flocked to the capital New Delhi to protest against the”Farmers Act” passed by the Modi government. In the past two months, Indian farmers have been blocking roads and railways in protest.

In September of this year, the Modi government promoted the agricultural reform bill. The bill stipulates that farmers can sell their agricultural products anywhere, including to large companies such as Wal-Mart, not just to government-controlled wholesale markets. In such a wholesale market, farmers can get the”lowest guaranteed price.”

The protesters worry that the new bill will harm the interests of farmers. They will be overwhelmed by big companies and will eventually lose price support for staple foods such as wheat and rice.

TV footage shows that some protesters are in New Delhi with Haryana During a rally at the junction, a statue of Indian Prime Minister Modi was burned and shouted”Down with Modi”. Some protesters rushed into roadblocks, threw stones at the police, and waved various flags such as the Communist Party of India Farmers’ Front (AIKS).

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At the same time , Indian police fired water cannons and tear gas to prevent protesters from entering the city of New Delhi. They predict that the surrounding agricultural states Punjab and Haryana alone will have”300,000 farmers” entering New Delhi.

In response, Prime Minister Modi responded on Twitter:“For decades, Indian farmers have been subjected to various restrictions and bullied by middlemen. The bill passed by Congress Freed farmers from such a predicament.”

In addition, Indian Minister of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare Narendra Singh Tomar said that he Farmer representatives have been invited to participate in the talks on December 3. But the protesters said the government should negotiate unconditionally.

For a long time, farmers have been regarded as the heart and soul of India. Half of the country’s 1.3 billion people live on agriculture. But in the past three decades, the economic influence of Indian farmers has gradually declined, and their contribution to India’s GDP has dropped from one third to about 15%. In addition, due to poor harvests, droughts and growing debts, 28 farmers in India committed suicide every day in 2019.

Indian farmers often complain about being ignored, and often hold protests, demanding higher crop prices, more loan exemptions, and calling on the government to establish an irrigation system to ensure the dry season Of water.

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As of November On the 29th, the fourth day of Indian farmers’ protests came from Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Northern Khanate, Rajasthan Farmers from the six states of Kerala, Kerala and Punjab participated in the protest.

Some tragic incidents also occurred during the protest. In the middle of the night on the 28th, Janak Raj, a 55-year-old tractor repairman, went back to sleep in the car after finishing his work, but his vehicle suddenly caught fire and he was burned alive.


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