Is medical insurance not enough? The government-led Meizhou”Guarantee” will help you →

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The reporter learned from the Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau that on November 23, the Meizhou Medical Insurance Supplementary Insurance, which is led by the government, customized and participated by commercial insurance, will be officially launched. From 60 yuan, the guarantee is 3.1 million yuan.

“BaoShangbao” is a supplementary insurance for Meizhou medical insurance, which is led by the government and participated by commercial insurance. It is a new member of the Meizhou medical security system. A protection measure specifically aimed at more than 4 million medical insurance participants in the city, which is closely linked to Meizhou basic medical insurance and serious illness insurance (employee supplement) The third priority of inclusive medical insurance. In October of this year, the Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau adopted a public bidding method and determined that the Meizhou Branch of the People’s Insurance Company of China and Zhujiang Life Insurance Co., Ltd. will jointly implement it.

All insured persons (including urban employees, urban and rural residents) who have participated in the basic medical insurance of Meizhou City can apply for the”Guarantee Insurance”. Subject to age restrictions, regardless of previous medical history, no health check, no waiting for treatment, everyone can be insured.

“Guarantee Insurance” has four premiums, and the premium standards are 60 yuan, 120 yuan, 180 yuan, 450 yuan strong>There are four levels, and different premium standards have different benefits. The higher the insurance standard, the better the benefits. After citizens are insured, they will be reimbursed after the Meizhou basic medical and critical illness insurance (employee supplementary insurance) is reimbursed, which will enable the insured to have higher protection, broader protection and more protection. The benefits of this project are implemented according to the premium grade of”four dimensions”:hospitalization expenses are paid by the individual, exceeding the annual medical insurance limit, part of the hospitalization expenses, and special treatment for malignant tumors. “Guarantee Insurance” will also open up a channel for employee medical insurance personal account funds to be insured, and pay insurance premiums for themselves and their relatives (parents, spouses, children) with Meizhou medical insurance through medical insurance individual account funds, and easily realize family insurance; Urban and rural residents participate in the insurance voluntarily. At the same time,”Guarantee Insurance” will realize the”one-stop” real-time settlement with basic medical care at designated medical institutions in the city without submitting information.

Meizhou Daily reporter:Huang Yuran


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