ITTF Finals:Men’s Table Tennis Three Will Enter the Final Four Lin Gaoyuan Out

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Xinhua News Agency, Zhengzhou, November 20th (Reporter Liu Jinhui and Su Bin) The 2020 ITTF finals held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province were held in the quarter-finals of singles on the 20th. Men’s singles, Fan Zhendong, Ma Long and Xu Xin all defeated their opponents and advanced to the semifinals. Lin Gaoyuan fought seven rounds with South Korean player Jang Yuzhen, and finally lost 3:4.

In the duel with Zhang Yuzhen, Lin Gaoyuan led 2:1 in the first three games. Zhang Yuzhen’s condition then recovered and won the fourth game. In the fifth game, with Lin Gaoyuan leading 10:7, Zhang Yuzhen scored 5 points in a row and turned defeat into victory, rewriting the total score to 3:2. Then, Lin Gaoyuan won the sixth game 11:8. In the deciding game, Lin Gaoyuan lost 4 points in a row after 3:2, the situation reversed and finally failed.

Malone’s opponent in the quarter-finals was Swedish player Falk. He defeated Falk 4:1 in the men’s singles final of the World Table Tennis Championships last year, achieving the World Table Tennis Championships Men’s Singles III. Consecutive championships. In this game, Malone encountered tenacious resistance in the second and third rounds, losing two consecutive rounds 7:11 and 5:11, and the total score became 1:2. Next, Malone pulled two rounds and rewritten the total score to 3:2. In the sixth game, Malone was tied to 10:10 by his opponent when he held three match points at 10:7. At the critical moment, Malone withstood the pressure and finally won by 13:11.

“This is indeed a tough game. When I fell behind 1:2, I adjusted my mentality and calmed down slowly. There have been some changes in serving and receiving. I think it worked.”Malone said.

In Fan Zhendong’s 4:1 victory over Brazil’s Calderano, after winning the first three rounds, Fan Zhendong encountered difficulties in the fourth round, and Calderano was in the lead from the start , And finally pulled back a round with 11:9. In the fifth game, Fan Zhendong scored two points in a row after 9:9 and won by 11:9.

Facing the 7th Chinese Taipei player in the world Lin Yunru, Xu Xin scored 11 in the first two games. :7, 11:8 won. In the third and fourth rounds, Lin Yunru made some changes. Xu Xin seemed to suddenly lose his state. Both rounds were very passive. Lin Yunru tied the total score to 2:2 with 11:9 and 11:7. In the next two games, Xu Xin won the game 11:2, 11:3.

In the upcoming men’s singles semifinals on the 21st, Fan Zhendong will face Zhang Yuzhen, and Ma Long will stage a”Dragon Python battle” with Xu Xin.

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