Jeremy Lin attracted the attention of many teams

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American media reported on the 22nd that many NBA teams are interested in Jeremy Lin, but there is no confirmed signing news yet. Jeremy Lin had declined the invitation of the CBA team before. He hoped to return to the NBA and realize his dream.

Lin Jeremy Lin played for the CBABeijing Shougang team last season, and once set off the”Lin Whirlwind”. Jeremy Lin is the most famous foreign aid in CBA. He has attracted extraordinary attention and influence in many aspects. Jeremy Lin and the Beijing team reached the semi-finals together last season. After the season, the Beijing team hoped to renew their contract with Jeremy Lin. They were close to completing the renewal. But Jeremy Lin finally decided that he still wanted to continue his dream of returning to the NBA. He declined the invitation of the Beijing team.

Jeremy Lin has always maintained high-intensity training, and he has also kept posting pictures and videos of his training on social media. Jeremy Lin recently stated that he hopes to achieve three goals:first, make his shooting movements more fluid, including shooting after counterattacks, shooting after pick-and-roll screens, etc., and second, make his physical condition better, reaching the highest level in recent years. The strong state, thirdly, makes the action more flexible, showing different degrees of shifting.

Jeremy Lin has attracted the attention of many NBA teams, but there is no clear sign news yet. According to previous news, the Warriors, Nets, etc. are likely to become Jeremy Lin’s new owners, and he has been training with players such as Curry recently.

Text/Photo courtesy of our reporter Song Xiang/Visual China