K-ball experts analyze the Premier League focus game, Tottenham vs Manchester City

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Premier League 01:30


Tottenham vsMan City

The Premier League The focus of the game is the matchup between Mourinho and Guardiola. Mourinho has just entered the first anniversary of Tottenham. The overall performance is relatively stable. Although there is no outstanding result, it can be regarded as a stable team. Military spirit. This game is very important for Mourinho, not only because he wants to win, but also because he wants to beat his old opponent Guardiola . Tottenham Hotspur was in a pretty good state before the International Match Day. It has won three consecutive victories in all competitions. Sun Xingmin just took The best next month, you can see how good the South Korean star is.

In the current standings, Tottenham Hotspur ranks second in the league, while Manchester City is now only ranked tenth, as Guardiola Said that such a result is certainly not satisfactory to the fans. In the latest news, Guardiola has just completed the contract extension with the team, which also proves the high level of support for Guardiola. This renewal is very critical for Blue Moon, which stabilizes the military spirit and confirms that the lineup and tactics will remain unchanged for a long time. At the press conference before the game, Guashuai said that Fernandinho and Ake are still recovering from injuries and missed the game. Aguero and Sterling have resumed training and are expected to play in this field. Manchester City has a slow start to the league this season, but the overall strength of Manchester City is still obviously better than Tottenham Hotspur. The current data also gives Manchester City a certain degree of support. Manchester City will obviously win more in this game, optimistic about the guest win.

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