Kashmir will become the second naqar? Pakistan may join forces and India will fall into multi-line operations

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India’s”Asia Europe Times” website recently wrote an article claiming. With Russia intervening in the situation in Nakah and mediating the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the conflict situation in the Naka area has improved significantly. Armenia has agreed to stop the exchange of fire and accept the status quo after paying a huge price and losing control of many areas. There is no doubt that Azerbaijan, which is more powerful, won the final victory. As the largest supporter of Azerbaijan, Turkey’s role and role in the Naka conflict are very important. At the celebration in the capital of Azerbaijan, a large number of people raised the flags of Azerbaijan and Turkey to celebrate this great victory. Among the celebrating crowd, the Pakistani flag also appeared.

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Why is Pakistan not involved in the conflict? What do the people of Azerbaijan remember? The analysis of the Indian media is that because Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Pakistan share the same religious beliefs, in the sense of being”brothers to each other”, although Pakistan did not send troops to intervene in the conflict like Turkey, it still provided a lot of secrets. stand by. With the”blood transfusion” behind the two countries of Turkey and Pakistan, Azerbaijan will win the battle with absolute advantage and force Armenia to recognize Azerbaijan’s legal status in the Naka region. Due to the original religious differences between Azerbaijan and Armenia, the Armenians in the out-of-control area after the Azerbaijani army gained the right to lose control of part of the territory of the Naka region will inevitably be suppressed and even massacred. In fact, such things have happened many times in the past, and the Azerbaijanis even caused a tragedy called the”Samgate Massacre” in Samgate. In this tragedy, more than 200 Armenians were massacred.

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Now, the situation in the Naka region has been eased. However, the Indian media are worried about whether Azerbaijan and Turkey, which”free up their hands”, will help Pakistan to turn the Kashmir region into a “34; Two naca&34;? You know, now India-Pakistan the two armies once again broke out on the line of control in Kashmir, and the two sides even mobilized artillery groups. The intensity of this large-scale artillery battle is the most intense in recent decades. Originally, in this exchange of fire, the Indian army has slowly begun to take advantage of its technical equipment, using artillery to fire guided artillery shells and anti-tank The missiles successively destroyed several Pakistani military posts, bunkers and positions. However, as the conflict in the Naka region ceases, if Azerbaijan and Turkey intervene in the Kashmir conflict at this time and assist the Pakistani army in combat, then the Indian army will fall into a comprehensive disadvantage. Because, once these countries join, it means that India will be trapped in multi-line warfare. In any case, it is not conducive to the continued development of India.

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Currently, India is not only in conflict with Pakistan in Kashmir, There are different degrees of confrontation and conflict in the north with China, the northwest and Nepal. In these directions, India has stationed a large number of military forces. More than half of India’s active troops are stationed at the border and nearby areas, leaving only a small number of troops in the country for daily alert and mobilization. The unreasonable distribution makes India’s defenses show a “top-heavy” posture, especially in the direction of China, where more than 400,000 troops are concentrated in one go, most of which are the elite of the active Indian army, with strong equipment and logistics. In other Indian troops. However, the Indian media are also worried about whether these Indian troops can persist in the harsh battlefield conditions. Once these troops are formed and annihilated, the Indian troops will completely lose their barriers, the northern plains and New Delhi’s peripheral defenses will also be completely opened.

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In addition to these three lines, India is also flooding With many armed organizations, the frequent outbreaks of civil riots have also made Indian military and police units tired to deal with. In the past, the Indian military used to say”win the 2.5-line war”, but now it has evolved into the”3.5-line war”. Among them, the”0.5 line” is an armed organization in India. Regardless of their small scale and poor equipment, but because the incident happened suddenly and the challenges they initiated were mainly from large and medium-sized cities, it was inconvenient for the Indian army to deploy superior firepower and troops, making this battle similar to the”urban anti-terrorism war”. , Became very anxious. In the anti-terrorism wars launched in the past, the Indian police and special forces performed very poorly. The low efficiency of dispatching was the second, mainly due to insufficient training. After paying a huge price, they could not even eliminate these armed forces. The concern of the Indian media is that once these armed forces shift from cities to transportation routes and important industrial areas and grain-producing areas, they will inevitably endanger the basic operations of India. Unlike other countries, India’s industry, population, and food production areas are very concentrated. Once these areas are infiltrated, the pressure on India will be from the inside out.