Kovac changes to meet the big test; north to”bullfight”, Huesca is not easy to break the ice

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Ligue 1 round 11

November 21st at 04:00

6 Monaco VS Paris Saint-Germain 1

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Monaco International Competition The former away defeated Derby opponent Nice 2-1, gained two consecutive victories and narrowed the gap with the top three to only 1 point. Defender Di Sassi and midfielder Diop each scored a goal in the first and second half. Monaco took the initiative to give up in the game Possession, defensive counterattack tactics are very effective, did not allow the opponent to get too many scoring opportunities, and actually mastered the initiative of the game, in addition to scoring goals, he also hit the goal frame 3 times; this summer, the goalkeeper Man joined as a loan Nonet made his personal Ligue 1 debut, his mistake indirectly led to Monaco’s goal conceded. After the game, coach Kovac praised the performance of the Monaco players.

The striker Ben Yeder contracted the new crown virus, quit the French team, and also withdrew from the league. Waqi hinted that Kuaima Rebel is expected to replace Benjeder in the starting lineup. Goalkeeper Le Conte is still recovering from the postoperative period, Mannone will continue to start this game; right back Aguilar will miss the game due to suspension, the above three absent players are the absolute main force. Midfielder Golovin, left-back Balloture and striker Pellegri were suspected of playing due to injuries, the latter being a substitute. During the International Match Day, a total of 9 Monaco players were recruited by various national teams, and 4 of them could only return to Monaco on Thursday, but none of them were the main players in the league. Monaco abandoned 433 in the last two games and played 4411 and won a winning streak. Kovac said that although Benjedr was absent, he would not change his current tactics much.

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Upper Paris In the round of defeating Rennes 3-0 at home, winning 8 consecutive league victories and expanding the lead in the standings. Forward Keane scored the third goal in the nearly 4 rounds of the league. Winger Di Maria scored twice. Paris was in the match. Statistics such as possession rate and number of shots are all inferior, but the attack efficiency is significantly higher and he plays smarter. But the three points at home made Paris costly. Midfielder Guye, defender Correll and Florenzi, forward Keane have been injured successively, the first three injuries are not a major problem, but Keane until this Wednesday Can only train alone, there are certain doubts about whether to play in this field.

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forwardMbappe and defender Kim Pembe missed the last round of the league due to injury. The two have recovered from their injuries and are playing for the French team Outstanding performance in China. The striker Neymar reported to the Brazilian team without healed from his injury, but was unable to play in the end. It remains to be seen whether he can participate in the field if he can only train alone this week. Midfielder Verrati and striker Icardi, who have been recuperating for two months, bid farewell to the injury and have been training with the team. They should be able to come back. Left-back Bernat has been recovering from his injuries for a long time, and the above six players are the main players. Substitute midfielder Draxler was in doubt due to injury. During the International Game Day, Paris has been recruited by the national teams in double digits. The center-back captain Maginhos, winger Di Maria and midfielder Paredes will not return from South America until Thursday. Coach Tuchel is present in the field. The above three people, to stay in force next week in the Champions League possible.

Special Points>

Monaco has been unbeaten for 8 consecutive games in the home league, including 5 victories. Paris has only lost 1 game and won 10 times in nearly 12 away league games.

In official competitions, Monaco has failed to beat Paris in 12 consecutive games, and 10 of them have lost. In these 12 games, Monaco has scored at least 3 goals in 10 games.

Due to the spread of the new crown epidemic, this game will be played without spectators.

Paris striker Mbappé played for Monaco for 3 seasons before joining in the summer of 2018.

La Liga Round 10

11 February 21st at 04:00

13 Osasuna VS Huesca 20

Osasuna recently lost consecutively to Atletico Madrid and Sevilla, and suffered the second consecutive loss of the season, with fatal penalties in both matches. After the first 8 rounds, Osasuna scored 3 wins, 1 draw and 4 losses. Compared with the same period last season, Osasuna scored 1 more point, and the overall performance was basically the same. The team was not greatly affected by international competitions. Midfielder Oyer and winger Robert Torres were selected for the Basque United team, and they had a warm-up match with Costa Rica in the middle of the week. Both have now returned to the team. Midfielder Moncayola and striker Budimir were recruited by Spain U21 and Croatia U21 respectively. The former also scored goals in the national team. The two will return after the midweek international game.

Osasuna currently has a lot of wounded, but most of them are long-term wounded. Midfielder Brasanaqi and forward Brandon are actively recovering during the international competition, but there is still time to come back. Defender Alidane, goalkeeper Juan Perez, forwards Caleri and Avila are all long-term wounded.

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The newly promoted Huesca is the only team in La Liga that has not won in the new season. The team drew 1-1 at home before the international competition.Ebar, ended their two-game losing streak, but this is their sixth draw this season, and the number of draws ranks first in La Liga. The match with Eval had the upper hand, but the team still failed to achieve a breakthrough. The head coach Michelle said he was not worried about the situation on the standings and had confidence in the future of the team. Forward Rafa Mir became the team’s first scorer and has already scored 3 goals. The midfielder Dunbia, loaned from Sporting Lisbon, came off the bench to complete the debut. However, the Ivorian player will miss the match due to injury. Defender Gass Dun Silva and substitute goalkeeper Barrera both recovered from their injuries. Japanese forward Shinji Okazaki recovered from his injuries during the national team. This battle is expected to return.

Special points>

Osasuna has 2 wins and 2 losses in the first 4 home games of La Liga this season; Huesca has 3 draws and 2 losses as a guest in La Liga, and 10 conceded goals are away games. most.

In recent years, the two teams have only faced each other in West Division two seasons. Osasuna has 1 win, 1 draw and 2 losses, including 1 draw and 1 loss at home.

So far, Osasuna’s average ball possession rate per game is 42%and ranks third in La Liga. Huesca is ranked in the middle, and the number of successful aerial ball games ranks first in La Liga.