Lin Gaoyuan quickly beats Niwa Takaki in the finals, Mima Ito will fight Wang Yidi

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CCTV News:On November 20th, Beijing time, the first round of the ITTF year-end finals will continue, Lin Gaoyuan defeated Niwa Koki 4-0 to advance to the top 8 and will play against Zhang Yuzhen.

The match between Lin Gaoyuan and Japanese player Niwa Koki was the last match of the first round. Lin Gaoyuan easily defeated Japanese Olympian Niwa Koki in just 26 minutes. The scores of the four rounds were 11-9/11-3/11-4/11-9. In the quarter-finals, Lin Gaoyuan’s opponent was the Korean star Jang Yuzhen who defeated Zhang Benzhi and 4-3 yesterday.

In another match in the first round of men’s singles, 19-year-old Chinese Taipei Lin Yunru defeated 4-2 Former world No. 1 German star Ocharov. Lin Yunru faced Xu Xin in the quarter-finals.

In the women’s singles two games, Zheng Yijing of Chinese Taipei lost one game first and won four games in a row, defeating Puerto Rico player Diaz 4-1. The world’s second Japanese player Mima Ito 4-1 defeated Du Kaiyan from Hong Kong, China.