Liu Jiren, Chairman and CEO of Neusoft Group:Software will enter a more open ecological era

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China Securities News (Reporter Song Weidong) November 21, sponsored by Neusoft Group (600718)”Neusoft Solutions Forum 2020″ opened. In his opening speech, Liu Jiren, Chairman and CEO of Neusoft Group, said that with the popularization and application of software technology, software will become the building of a digital society. Ecosystem tools, and enter a more open, more integrated and more innovative era.

In the keynote speech entitled”The Ecological Era of Software”, Liu Jiren pointed out that mankind has entered the digital society, and there are more and more new businesses created by digital. The network and digital equipment continue to spread. Become the technology industry, the Internet industry and the software industry in the crossover.

Liu Jiren said that in recent years, with the development and popularization of information technology and the continuous expansion of digital commercial scale, technology is developing from a single value creation to a new ecosystem built on the basis of empowerment. Technologies such as intelligence, big data, and supercomputing will be integrated with 5G and future smart networks. The Internet will move from the traditional connection of people to the connection of everything, from a connected channel to a computable network, from the transmission of information to the knowledge Acquisition, from solving common problems to building a personalized network. All of this will provide more room for software development and create a more integrated and open ecosystem.

Liu Jiren said that the digital society’s business rules, social forms, data privacy, system security, and the inequality between digital space and non-digital space will be the biggest challenge in the digital new ecological era, as well as future technologies. The first problem to be solved. Credit will become the soul of the digital economy. Relying on big data technology, it has become a reality to cover a larger number of subjects with more diversified data and provide accurate services that match it.

Liu Jiren introduced that since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, many industries and companies have pressed the”pause button”, but Neusoft Group chose to press the”fast forward button” for the first time. The epidemic has validated and improved the large health ecosystem that Neusoft Group has deployed for many years. The Neusoft Group and the Neusoft Great Health Industry Alliance will give full play to its technological and resource advantages and join the war against the epidemic with the power of software.

It is reported that immediately after the outbreak, the resources of domestic medical institutions were tight, and the information systems such as public health and social security urgently needed to be upgraded. Neusoft Group moved quickly to quickly launch the”self-report of the epidemic” platform to help the grassroots collection Personnel information; sent a number of professional teams to various places to help medical institutions upgrade their information systems in a timely manner; released the”Sword” epidemic prevention and control informatization overall solution; empowered hardware with software, and launched smart terminal products that can effectively prevent and control epidemics” Anti-epidemic hardware” provides safety guarantee for the hospital’s anti-epidemic, enterprise resumption, and personnel return. Its subsidiary Neusoft Medical donated large-scale medical imaging equipment and software with a total value of 27 million yuan to Wuhan; rapidly developed and launched new products such as”Thor” shelter CT and”Huoyan” AI to fight the epidemic. Among them, the”Raytheon” shelter CT took only 7 days from R&D, verification to order production. Neusoft Medical has also assisted CT,”Thor” shelter CT and other products to many countries around the world to help more than 30 countries in the world, including Kenya, Brazil, Chile, Thailand, Peru, Ecuador, and Vietnam, fight the epidemic. Its subsidiary Neusoft Xikang uses the Internet medical Xikangyun Hospital platform to open a free”new coronavirus pneumonia consultation zone” and push prevention and control expertise.

Liu Jiren said that Neusoft Group is about to usher in its 30th anniversary. Over the past 30 years, Neusoft has always deeply integrated software into people’s lives and social changes, constantly co-existing with new technologies, and creating a carrier for the digital economy. Software increasingly embodies a kind of ability and responsibility. Choosing the software industry means choosing to constantly challenge and change. In the future, Neusoft Group will continue to work with customers and partners to explore the infinite power of software and promote social development.