Ma Long’s”Vengeance” Fan Zhendong Won the ITTF Finals Men’s Singles”Six Champions”

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Xinhua News Agency, Zhengzhou, November 22 (Reporter Liu Jinhui and Su Bin) The men’s singles final of the 2020 ITTF finals will be staged on the 22nd. Ma Long defeated Fan Zhendong 4:1 and won the ITTF finals men’s singles for the sixth time champion.

This is the third time that Fan Zhendong and Malone have met in the finals of the competition in more than a month. The first two national table tennis Fan Zhendong won 4:3 in both the ball championship and the men’s World Cup. Today’s game can be described as Malone’s”revenge battle”.

The double-handed game was very stale in the first game, and Malone won with 13:11. In the second game, Malone was in better condition, leading by 8:3, and then Fan Zhendong chased the score to 7:9. At the critical moment, Malone scored 2 points and won the second game 11:7.

In the third game, Fan Zhendong called a timeout when he fell behind 3:6. After the break, he continued to chase points and won the game points with 10:8. However, Malone resisted the pressure and won 4 points in a row. 12:10 won the third game. In the fourth game, Fan Zhendong scored consecutively after 6:6 and won with 11:9. In the fifth game, Fan Zhendong was in a state of chasing points, while Malone played steadily and got the match point 10:7. Although Fan Zhendong saved a match point, he hit the net with a backhand and Malone won the game 11:8. .

“Although the score is 4:1, every round is very tired. I think Fan Zhendong is also very tired. Because each other is restricting opponents, it takes a lot of brainstorming. I won the key ball today. Good.” Ma Long said,”The last two games against Fan Zhendong have played 7 games. It is a pity to lose. I am very eager to win the championship and I am honored to be able to beat the world No. 1 game.”

< p>On their way to the finals, Fan Zhendong defeated Korean player Jung Young-sik, Brazilian player Calderano and South Korean player Jang Woojin successively , Malone defeated Germany’s Francesca, Sweden’s Falk and teammate Xu Xin. (End)