Malone 4-2 Falk advances to men’s singles semifinals

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[Ma Long 4-2 Falk advances to the men’s singles semi-finals] The ITTF World Tour Finals Men’s Singles 1/4 finals just ended, Ma Long on 11-5/7-11/5-11/11 -6/11-9/13-11, the total score defeated Sweden’s Falk 4-2 to advance to the men’s singles semifinals! The first game was easily won by Malone 11-5. In the following two games, Falk played steadily. He took the lead at the beginning and maintained his advantage. He scored two consecutive games 11-7 and 11-5 to overtake the game. In the fourth game, Falk still took the initiative to attack and started 3-0. Ma Longa emphasized his action and played steadily. He gradually tied the score and surpassed 7-4. In the end, he scored a tie with 11-6! In the fifth game, Malone won 11-9 and won the key game! In the sixth game, the two scored bitterly. Malone took advantage of experience and the opponent’s mistakes to seize the opportunity at the end of the game, and finally won 13-11, a big score of 4-2 to win the promotion!

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