Maradona’s private doctor responded with tears after being investigated by the police:he did his best

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China News Service, November 30. According to AFP, after the death of the king Maradona, on the 29th local time, his personal doctor Luke was investigated by the police of Argentina’s Buenos Aires Province . Luke then told the media in tears that he had”do everything he could to do”.

According to reports, earlier in the day, the Buenos Aires Provincial Police conducted a search of Luke’s residence and office and stated that they would be launched on suspicion of”manslaughter” Related investigations.

The 39-year-old doctor Luke then held a press conference. He said,”I have tried my best.” He regarded Maradona as his”friend” and even”father , Not the patient”.

Luke also said that home care is not his responsibility. He said that there should always be an ambulance parked in front of Maradona’s house for backup. He didn’t know who was responsible for not having an ambulance.

Currently, the police investigation and analysis of Maradona’s death are still continuing, and Luke has not been formally charged. According to a source,”This case is because Maradona passed away at home and no one signed his death certificate. This does not mean any suspicious or irregular behavior.”

11 local time On the 3rd, Argentine football king Maradona, who was undergoing hospitalization, was found to have a subdural hematoma and was undergoing surgery He was discharged quickly afterwards. On November 25th, Maradona passed away at home at the age of 60, at the age of 60, after failing to rescue a cardiac arrest.

(Original title:Maradona’s private doctor responded in tears after being investigated by the police:Do everything possible)