Men miss you but don’t contact you. Most of them have this mentality

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It’s like missing someone It is complicated. Whenever I think of the years spent by two people, when I think of two people walking in the rain with an umbrella, there is a smile on their faces, and the sweetness in my heart spreads.

Wait until you miss someone and reach the extreme, you will feel bitter in your heart, that kind of wanting to contact the other person but can’t get in touch with each other, wanting to be with each other It feels uncomfortable to meet but not see each other.

When men and women miss someone, they are completely in two states. Women will fully express their lovesickness, and men will take this miss in In your pocket, hidden away from you.

Even if he misses you very much, he won’t contact you. In fact, he has his own thoughts and his own unspeakable concealment. You don’t know his voice, he You don’t know the true feelings.

Men miss you but don’t contact you. Most of them have this kind of psychology. Women should not understand the sincerity of men.

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1. Strong self-esteem

A man who loves a woman will retain his self-esteem. On the surface, they are safe and sound, but in fact they are afraid of rejection .

In”Dear Myself”, Chen Yiming proposed to Li Siyu. At that time, Li Siyu was also very confused. She chose to reject him. Later, a friend asked about Chen Yiming. Without proposing, his self-esteem was haunted, so he lied that he did not propose to Li Siyu.

In the face of the women they love, even if they are rejected, they will tolerate each other, but in the future they will put away their fragile side, and they will defend themselves Self-esteem.

When a man missed a woman very much, he actually opened your dialog box countless times. He wanted to chat with you, but in the end he restrained I lost my emotions and didn’t contact you.

In fact, it’s not that he doesn’t love you, but the man is afraid that you don’t need him. He is afraid that you will reject him. In order to protect his self-esteem, the man chooses to shrink , I chose to miss you silently.

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2. I want you to take the initiative

Men also need love, and they also desire to be loved. Sometimes, they give a lot and get the love But very few. Over time, they will weigh the pros and cons and learn to indulge in desires.

When he misses you, he naturally wants to send you a message, but he finally decides not to send it. The reason why a man disconnects from you is to cause you Attention is to win your concern and care.

In a relationship, a man needs a sense of presence. He wants your attention and hopes that you can warm his heart.

When he misses you to the extreme, he will not say anything. The man has been waiting for you on the spot. He wants you to take the initiative.

He is indifferent to you, not that he doesn’t love you, but that he loves you deeply. If you are also moved by him, don’t ignore him anymore. Give him a little love and he won’t play a kid’s temper or ignore you.

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3. Too many worries and fear of disturbing the other person

In a relationship, a man is usually rational, and he loves you very much. Will think of more aspects, for example, if he frequently contacts you and always takes the initiative to see you, will it be annoying.

Sometimes, a man is more sensitive than a woman. Once he finds that your tone is wrong or his attitude has changed, he will realize whether he is himself Bother your life.

A man will hide his emotions and put your feelings first. Since you need freedom, he will give you enough space. When you need him, he won’t bother you again.

And when he misses you very much, he will never tell you again. In the dead of night, he will bear the pain of missing you alone, and he will use other Men will never disturb you in a way to solve the missing.

He did this for your own good. A man knows how it feels to miss someone, so he chooses to bear it alone.

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Two people are in Together, we must communicate more and communicate more, so that your relationship will become deeper and deeper.

There are some women who don’t know the reason, they think about it, maybe men don’t think that way, everyone’s thoughts are different, since you think If you know why he doesn’t contact you, it’s better to ask him directly and let him give you an answer.

For a long time I see people’s hearts, whether he loves you or not, you know best, if he loves you, stay with him, if he doesn’t love you, leave he.