Modi announced a new policy, ready to”plagiarize” China

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Guide:India” The Times of India website recently published an article stating that the national conditions of India and China are very different. If India completely copied China’s development strategy, it would be in a very dangerous situation, and the chance of success is very small. According to Xiangyin Media reports, the Indian government of Modi recently announced a new policy to encourage production. This policy is highly similar to China’s”industrial policy”, and both belong to the state’s strong support for specific industries to make them a leading company. However, the Indian media believe that the risk of doing so is very great, after all, China and India are not the same.

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The long-standing economic independence dream of the Indian government

A few days ago, the Modi government of India announced a new policy to encourage production. The policy covers companies in 11 industries that have promised to invest and substantially increase production. The specific amount threshold is 4%to 6%of sales. It is reported that this policy will consume about two trillion rupees within five years, which is about 0.7%of India’s GDP. Although the Indian Modi government claims that the Atmanirbhar it promotes means”self-reliance”, it is easy for the outside world to identify it as”self-sufficiency.”

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India’s former leaders, including Neh Lu and Indira Gandhi both tried to construct the so-called”self-sufficiency” form of economic model, but these attempts later failed. India’s Modi government now proclaims”self-reliance” (Atmanirbhar), which not only requires India to produce for its own country, but also requires India to become the world’s export center and produce for the world. Under the forecast of the Modi government in India, this will create a large number of jobs in India.

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“plagiarism” China? The Indian media warned:The Indian government has a huge risk in doing so

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In India, when the export volume is small and the export volume is not developed enough, no one will say anything, and there is no need Worried about sanctions from the international community. But if India’s situation is clearly stronger and it does not embrace imports, it may increase the risk of sanctions. And the sanctions imposed by the US government under Trump are likely to affect India’s exports of US$6 billion.

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