National Ping Pong wins men’s and women’s singles champions and runners-up ahead of schedule

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=2ffb70f038018275b0c8c9526fbafbb6 - National Ping Pong wins men's and women's singles champions and runners-up ahead of scheduleChen Meng returned the ball in the game. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Jianan

Report from this newspaper (Dalian News Media Group reporter Song Chaoyan) Yesterday, the competition for the semi-finals of the 2020 ITTF Tournament came to an end, and the Chinese table tennis team once again showed outstanding performance In terms of strength and women’s singles, Chen Meng has entered the finals for four consecutive years. She is only one step away from creating the history of”four consecutive championships”. She will compete with Wang Manyu competed against each other; in the men’s singles, Ma Long and Fan Zhendong passed smoothly, and the two will have a peak match. This means that the Chinese team has already won the men’s and women’s singles championship and runner-up in this tournament ahead of time.

In the men’s singles match yesterday, Fan Zhendong played steadily against South Korean player Jang Yuzhen and first gained a 2:0 advantage. In the third game, Zhang Yuzhen struggled to win back a city 15:13, but Fan Zhendong did not give his opponent any more chances. He won two games one after another, finally won 4:1 and advanced to the final smoothly.

Another men’s singles semi-final was played between Chinese players Ma Long and Xu Xin. Xu Xin took the lead to win the first game, but the experienced Malone played steadily and won four consecutive games, defeating Xu Xin with a total score of 4:1 and advanced to the final. In the final, Ma Long will face Fan Zhendong again.

Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha received a lot of attention in the women’s singles semifinals. The match and the World Cup defeated teammate Sun Yingsha. The two met again yesterday. Chen Meng won four games with 11:9, 11:8, 11:8 and 12:10 respectively, defeating Sun Yingsha with a big score of 4:0, and advanced to the final.

In another women’s singles semifinal match, Wang Manyu played against Japanese player Mimai Ito. The first game of Wang Manyu 11:3 won, and Wang Manyu won the second game 11:4. In the next two games, Wang Manyu won 11:9 and 11:6, defeating Mima Ito with a big score of 4:0 and advanced to the final.

Source:Dalian Daily