NBA investigates Bucks Kings deal, Bogdan will not go to Bucks with high probability

By yqqlm yqqlm

CCTV News:On November 20th, Beijing time, it is reported that the league has officially challenged the Bucks Investigating the signing of Bogdan Bogdanovic with the Kings.

Early this week, US media reported that the Bucks and the Kings have also reached an agreement to sign and change. The Bucks will get Kings shooter Bogdan Bogdanovic .

In this deal, Justin James will also join the Bucks, and the Kings will get Donte Di Vincenzo, DJ Wilson and Erson Ilyaso watt.

But then there were reports that Bogdan Bogdanovic did not agree to go to the Bucks, so this sign-and-change deal will fall through.

Today, it is reported that the league has officially launched an investigation into the signing and then changing of Bogdan Bogdanovic between the Bucks and the Kings.

The door to the NBA free agency market this year will open tomorrow, local time, and the news about Bogdan Bogdanovic’s sign-and-exchange message came out early this week.

It is worth mentioning that the Bucks today waived Erson Ilyasova, which made the outside world increasingly believe that Bogdan Bogdanovic was in free agency. Other teams will join the market.

It is not clear how this will affect Antetokounmpo. At the beginning of this week, when the Bucks got Ju-Holadi through a trade, plus signed first and then traded for Bogdano Vicki, this makes the Bucks management optimistic about retaining Antetokounmpo.