Nearly 190,000 new diagnoses in the United States in a single day, and many states have announced curfews! The nurse cried excitedly about the anti-epidemic experience, and Biden wept on the spot…

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The number of confirmed cases in the United States continues to set a new record, and the medical system is also bearing an increasing burden. Ohio, California and other places in the United States have announced curfews to combat the epidemic. In addition, on the 18th local time, Biden shed tears on the spot after listening to a nurse’s anti-epidemic experience and criticized the Trump government Delays in the transition process severely hindered his ability to fight the new crown virus together with his team.

The increasing number of diagnoses in the United States continues to soar, and the burden on the medical system has increased sharply

According to overseas websites, according to Worldometer real-time statistics, as of November 20, Beijing At around 6:30, the United States had a total of 1,024,556 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia and a total of 257,769 deaths. Compared with the data at 6:30 the previous day, there were 189072 new confirmed cases and 1961 new deaths in the United States.

The continuous surge in confirmed cases has also put an increasing burden on the US medical system.

According to CCTV News citing foreign media reports on November 19, the number of patients hospitalized with new coronary pneumonia in the United States has soared by nearly 50%in the past two weeks, forcing states to implement new restrictions to contain the virus that is almost out of control spread. Statistics also show that nearly 79,000 Americans were treated in hospitals across the country on November 19, the most since the outbreak.

Multiple states successively announced curfews

According to CCTV According to news reports, on November 19 local time, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced a curfew, requiring relevant personnel to stay at home between 10 pm and 5 am the next day. According to a press release issued by Newsom’s office, the relevant ban will take effect on the evening of November 21 to prevent the spread of the new crown virus.

Previously, Ohio also announced a curfew on November 17th local time. Ohio Governor Mike Dwyane announced that a curfew will be imposed across the state from that day to help fight the spread of the epidemic in the state. The curfew will take effect from 22:00 and will last until 5:00 the next day for 21 days. The curfew measures include closing all retail premises and requiring all residents to return home before 22:00.

The nurse cried and complained about the hardships of fighting the epidemic, and Biden shed tears on the spot

According to overseas reports, on the 18th local time, Biden fought against the new crown pneumonia Workers on the front line of the epidemic held an emotional video conference.

Mary Turner, a night intensive care nurse from Minnesota, cried to Biden. She has been working on the front line of the anti-epidemic since February. She and her colleagues take care of severely ill patients with new coronary pneumonia every day, accompanied by many The patients accompanied by their families passed away, but they had never even been tested for new coronary pneumonia.

The nurse also told Biden that medical resources are very tight and the hospital’s N95 masks must be reused. During the meeting, Biden was emotional when he heard the nurse’s experience and he wiped his eyes lightly. Biden said, “praising you is not enough. We must protect you and provide sufficient funds.”

Subsequently, Biden criticized the Trump administration for delaying the transition process, which seriously hindered his relationship with him. The ability of the team to fight the new coronavirus together. He hopes that Republicans can take bold actions after Trump leaves the White House and cooperate with his administration to control the epidemic. Biden said:”The House of Representatives has passed a bailout bill, and the money can be used now, but some people in the Senate are unwilling to pass this bill.”

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