“Night Reading” No matter what age, 6 things you must persist in doing

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First, don’t give up lightly while struggling.

In a person’s life, at what stage and what to do, you often need to plan your life well. Don’t be greedy for ease when you are young, and regret it when you are old. No matter what you do, if you don’t see the light for a while, don’t be anxious, be patient; don’t give up lightly, maybe you are only one step away from success.

Secondly, get along with people, not everyone agrees.

No matter who you get along with, you must have your own opinions. Don’t lose your principles just because you love someone; don’t go against your heart because you are swayed by desire. Don’t think it’s right for others to say everything, you have to have your own thoughts, do things selectively, stick to the right, and discard the wrong. Having your own ideas, setting your own goals, and not being easily influenced by others, can you truly live out yourself.


Thirdly, some people rely on them and do not give up self-reliance.

In this life, whether it is a parent, partner or child, who can accompany whom? The sky is cloudy and sunny, and the moon is full. Of course, it is a happy thing to rely on someone, but you can’t give up self-independence just because you have dependence. Because no one can guarantee that who can be the backer for a lifetime. Remember, you can only give the sense of security you want. Relying on yourself is the eternal kingly way.

Fourth, when you are alone, don’t think about it.

In life, there are always moments where no one can accompany us. Each of us will have a lot of time alone. When you’re alone, don’t think about it, don’t let your emotions be easily influenced by others. During those years of silent life, take every step steadily and wait for opportunities. Let yourself be like a seed that can take root and sprout when you encounter fertile soil. Learn to self-discipline, keep your heart, and correct your own words and deeds. How self-discipline you are, how brilliant your future will be.


Fifth, don’t give up kindness as you go.

A lifetime is long, and a clear conscience is kind. No matter what we do, we cannot give up kindness. Sometimes we will suffer some grievances because of kindness, but we cannot lose our sincerity because of these grievances. Your kindness is precious, and it should also be slightly sharp and become your armor. Be a kind person. When you light up others, you actually warm yourself.

Sixth, for the rest of your life, learn to treat yourself well.

No matter how unhappy you are, you have the responsibility to eat a good meal, sleep well, settle your emotions before solving the problem. A lot of troubles are actually not a big deal. Life will get better after learning to treat yourself well. The rest of your life is precious, please take every day of your life as the best day, live happily, live up to time, live up to yourself, and live up to this life.

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