No need to wait for Double Eleven orders, JD Daojia’s”11.11 Goods Festival” officially opens

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China News Service, November 4th. Recently, the local instant retail platform JD Daojia under the Dada Group officially launched”11.11 Good Festival”, users can experience a double eleven without waiting for orders by placing an order with one click. The”11.11 Goods Festival” is the latest shopping carnival launched by JD Daojia after the 1020 Supermarket Carnival. JD Daojia will cooperate with well-known chains such as Walmart, Yonghui Supermarket, China Resources Vanguard, BBK, Aeon, Jiajiayue, CP Lotus Supermarket, Mengniu Group, Yili Group, Yihai Kerry, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Fulinmen, Kimberly-Clark, Mars Wrigley, Pepsi Foods, Nestlé and other brands, together with more than 100,000 physical stores, relying on the local Dada Group The instant delivery platform Dada Express, during the”11.11 Goods Festival”, will bring a rich”1 hour shopping” experience in categories and forms to users in about 1,000 counties, districts and cities across the country.

JD Daojia’s”11.11 Goods Festival” officially launched this year and lasted until November 12. During the event, JD Daojia platform joined hands with supermarket convenience, digital 3C, grain, oil, wine, personal care and cleaning, etc., through live shopping for 1 hour, magic coupon day, spike day, category day, super brand week and other innovative marketing methods, covering A variety of consumption scenarios and needs, and a variety of preferential welfare activities such as daily magic coupons, 100 million yuan subsidies, and good goods spikes, so that users can enjoy the benefits.

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JD Daojia teamed up with more than 100,000 offline stores and many brands to open the”11.11 Goods Festival”

Guarantee products”1 hour delivery”, JD Daojia creates orders No need to wait for Double Eleven

Double Eleven has become a shopping carnival for hundreds of millions of Chinese people, and waiting for express delivery anxiously and excitedly is a real experience for many people. The difference of JD Daojia’s”11.11 Goods Festival” is that relying on the instant delivery capabilities of Dada Express, users can enjoy the double eleven shopping experience without waiting for orders. Thousands of good things can be ordered with just one click.”Delivered in 1 hour”.

In order to ensure the”one-hour delivery” of various categories of goods during Double Eleven, the JD Daojia platform has made full preparations in terms of contract performance, merchandise, and event support. JD Daojia cooperates with merchants to prepare goods in advance to ensure the supply of goods, and increase pickers to ensure the efficiency of goods picking. In the distribution link, the Dada express delivery platform provides a stable capacity guarantee for the big promotion. Before the big promotion, it will reserve the capacity based on the data of previous years and the estimated situation this year, and carry out the real-time capacity allocation through optimization and upgrading of the professional smart logistics system. Optimize the distribution path, strengthen and improve the service level of personnel, and deliver the goods within one hour during the peak period of the big promotion order.

In addition to meeting users’ demand for”1 hour delivery” during Double Eleven shopping, the JD Daojia platform also cooperates with merchants to launch daily magic coupons, 100 million yuan subsidies, good goods spikes, and card draws. Forms of preferential welfare activities, covering a variety of consumption scenarios in the form of big-name good things at super low prices, creating good-goods explosive series, etc., and through double eleven episode card games, double eleven exclusive search red envelopes and other fun and interesting interactive games, let The majority of users carn together and enjoy the benefits.

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Jingdong Daojia’s”11.11 Good Things Festival” opens, creating a double eleven that orders do not have to wait

“Live shopping in 1 hour”, Jingdong Daojia innovative marketing gameplay


In this”11.11 Goods Festival”, the JD Daojia platform not only guarantees”1 hour delivery” and offers a variety of benefits, it also innovatively launches live shopping 1-hour delivery, magic coupon day, and spike Various marketing methods such as day, category day, super brand week, etc. make users more relaxed and happy when shopping, and enjoy more benefits.

Now live shopping has become a new trend. JD Daojia has created a”live shopping 1 hour delivery” model, allowing consumers to receive purchased goods while watching the live broadcast. During the”11.11 Goods Festival” event, JD Daojia platform joined hands with a number of brand merchants to launch a number of live shopping events in various forms. Among them, on November 7th, JD Daojia platform will cooperate with Kimberly-Clark, Wal-Mart, etc. to launch a special live broadcast of Kimberly-Clark-Zhang Jiani. At that time, star hot mom Zhang Jiani will bring the super benefits of maternal and child good things in JD Daojia’s official live broadcast room. In addition, JD Daojia will also cooperate with MINISO, China Resources Vanguard & Hengdu & Jianong, Yonghui Supermarket & Qingfeng, Jingkelong & Ximai, etc., to launch a number of live broadcast and affordable activities.

In addition, the JD Daojia platform will also cooperate with merchants of various categories to launch a variety of activities such as digital 3C category day, grain, oil and beverage category day, personal care cleaning category day, and big-name day to guide businesses to link online and offline Resources, and launched a series of brand week activities from November 5th, through daily discounts such as big-name coupons, so that consumers can enjoy benefits.

JD Daojia platform will also realize linkage with JD.com through the”Material Competition and Natural Selection” project, jointly launch brand marketing activities, and synchronize relevant coupons, so that users can place orders on JD.com and they can purchase For goods on the JD Daojia platform, you can experience the “1 hour delivery” of Dada Express’s instant fulfillment service, and it also brings more traffic and data support to the majority of retailers and brands on the JD Daojia platform.

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Jingdong Daojia”11.11 Goods Festival” launches a variety of preferential welfare activities

Place an order at home within 1 hour, really discounts do not play Huatou, it is double eleven a year, Jingdong Dajia”11.11 Goods Festival”, this shopping spree can not be missed.

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