Norwegian capital Oslo tightens epidemic control measures

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On November 6, local time, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation reported that from 10 Starting today, the Norwegian capital Oslo has tightened epidemic control measures for three weeks. Cinemas, theaters and stadiums will be closed. It is prohibited to hold social gatherings outside private residences, except for funerals. All leisure activities for adults are closed. Except for the library, all businesses that carry out cultural and leisure activities are closed. It is forbidden to serve alcohol in Oslo bars. The restaurant can remain open without serving alcohol. Children and youth sports can continue to arrange training, but cannot participate in competitions. Like other public transportation, you need to wear a mask when taking a taxi. Stores, shopping centers, etc. must ensure that customers can be within two meters of social distance.

Data from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health showed that there were 650 new cases on the 6th, 23,225 confirmed cases nationwide, and 285 deaths nationwide. A total of 1,805,998 COVID-19 tests have been conducted nationwide. (Headquarters reporter Hao Xiaoli)


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