Note:UPS and FedEx may suspend delivery services

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According to the notification received by the seller, this year’s Amazon Black Friday Sale Week will start from November 20th to November 27th, lasting for a whole week! I believe that many sellers and friends have already geared up to get ready to burst orders. However, whenever there is a big promotion, logistics delays, insufficient inventory, platform problems and other accidents always follow one after another, disrupting the seller’s plan to burst orders.

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div>On the eve of Black Friday, sellers”surprise” again and again

“”Gift” from the early morning, received the third letter Emails and links are removed (these circumstances will lead to the closure of the Amazon account). Black Friday is coming, and three consecutive links have turned into dogs from yesterday to today, and they are all good products. It’s a humble worker.” An Amazon seller Said helplessly, what is more uncomfortable than making all the preparations to welcome the arrival of the Black Five’s explosive order, but being deprived of the qualification for the competition.

Many sellers reported that as the Black Friday approached, the Amazon platform also began to have a wave of”accidents” from time to time. Recently, a seller broke the news that the discounts for members of the Black Five Network One in the store were banned. The seller said that he has been paying close attention to submitting discount activities. Unexpectedly, after the submission, the discounts for members of the Black Five Network One are prohibited from being displayed. The seller opened a case to contact customer service at the first time to apply for lifting the restriction, but the reply was”cannot be lifted manually.”

In this regard, another seller bluntly said that he felt the same. Every big promotion, the Amazon platform always has this problem. He experienced this in the previous Prime Day. Circumstances, I thought it was because the product did not meet the requirements, so I had to give up.

In addition to facing platform”accidents”, sellers must also face a series of chain reactions brought about by logistics problems. Related recommendation:Amazon Black Friday countdown, have these major problems solved?

FBA has a large warehouse, UPS and FedEx may suspend service

Recently, many forwarders have received notices , The two most important and busiest ports in the United States, Los Angeles LA Terminal and Long Beach LB Terminal, have tens of thousands of container stranded terminals. Now these two major ports are almost completely paralyzed, and the delivery time is extremely slow. Undoubtedly, this means that for sellers who are preparing for the peak season, replenishment has become the biggest problem, and inventory has a big advantage.

In this regard, industry insiders have analyzed that the overall logistics situation this year is not optimistic, especially at the end of the year as the big promotion seasons such as Black Friday, Internet One, and Christmas continue. As a result, logistics delays have a greater impact on sellers, and sellers must consider the schedule and prepare for replenishment in advance.

In addition to the paralysis of the port and the slow delivery time, Amazon warehouses are also in a hurry. Hugo bacteria learned from the freight forwarder that recently, Amazon Arizona’s PHX3, PHX5, PHX7 and California’s OAK3, SJC7, SMF3, ONT2, ONT6, ONT8, ONT9, LGB8, LAX9, SNA4/6/7/8 Warehouses such as LGB6/4 are already in danger.

The hardest part is yet to come. Sellers have received notifications from UPS and FedEx that there is no pickup or delivery service during the Thanksgiving holiday. This also means that the next end delivery will be suspended or delayed. Logistics is so difficult, can orders be broken on Black Friday this year?

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(ups are off Notice)

According to a survey of 2000 American consumers by Drive Research, online shopping on Black Friday in 2020 is expected to increase by 28%compared to 2019. It is expected that””Cyber ​​Monday” revenue will also increase by 18%over 2019. From the data point of view, Amazon’s Black Friday has hopes of breaking orders, but sellers dare not expect too much.

Some sellers said that this year’s Black Friday order volume is not easy to predict, because a lot of purchasing power has been consumed on the member day, and the conflict at the end of the peak season is really bad this year. Will Black Friday explode. However, some sellers said that they had already prepared tens of thousands of inventory, and the Christmas shipments were also ready, and the goods were arranged early in October. According to the current logistics situation, one month’s shipping time is simply not enough, and it must be prepared in advance.

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(with the seller Chat screenshot)

The opportunity is reserved for those who are prepared, and the stock should be prepared as early as possible. Especially now that the logistics are not optimistic, seller friends want to welcome the next burst of orders, and they must be fully prepared. In addition, seller friends in France should pay attention to the fact that the top five black promotions on Amazon France have been officially announced to be postponed.

Amazon postponed the French”Black Friday” discount day

According to reports, Amazon said on Thursday that, Decided to postpone the Black Friday discount day (November 27-29) in France this year to December 4. On Wednesday, French Finance Minister Le Maire called on large supermarkets and online retailers to postpone the Black Friday promotion, because according to the French epidemic prevention and control measures, all stores that sell non-essential goods will not be allowed to open before December 1.

Before that, Amazon counterattacked due to the epidemic in France, avoiding unfairness to small offline stores that were forced to close due to the epidemic, and cancelled the advertisements for the Black Friday campaign in France.

But recent data shows that France is expected to control the surge of new crown virus infections. Therefore, stores and companies have begun to pressure the government to require Relax restrictions during the Christmas shopping season. Small French stores are struggling to compete with large retailers and online retail giants such as Amazon, which are allowed to continue operations and deliver goods during the lockdown period.

The Black Friday in the U.S. will start next week. Many sellers in the U.S. reported that recent traffic is still at a low level, and local epidemic control measures have increased the number of Black Fridays this year The uncertainty. According to several US media reports, on the 19th local time, California Governor Newsom announced that from the 21st, California will implement the The curfew restricts outdoor activities and gatherings in response to the more serious rebound of the epidemic.


p style=”text-align:justify”>Some analysts say that the United States has adopted the same blockade measures in many states. On the one hand, it will boost orders for”home economy” products. As affected by the epidemic, American consumers have already purchased a large number of household products before, and consumers are hoarding everything that should be hoarded, so the sales of household products may not fluctuate too much.