Obama said:If Trump stays in the White House, the SEALs will dig it out

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[Southern + November 20th News] According to US media reports, former US President Obama’s new book”The Promised Land” is released After that, he immediately made the bestseller list, and Obama himself participated in many TV shows to introduce his new book. On November 19, local time in the United States, Obama remotely accepted an interview with the famous American talk show”Jimmy Cammore Live Show”. In the interview, Obama talked about how to Trump is unwilling to transfer power, so what will be the consequences and some trivial things after the assassination of bin Laden.

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Jimmy and Obama


p style=”text-align:justify”>According to reports, the host Jimmy first took out Obama’s memoir”The Promised Land” and asked Obama the first question:”Did you specifically let Tron Pu would never want to read this book?” Obama responded with a smile:”As far as I know, no matter how many pages he writes, he will never read it (sarcasm Trump does not read the book).” Then Jimmy showed the audience to InStyle magazine. On the cover of the new cover, there is a very laid-back Obama, and the title is”This is my job.” Jimmy smiled and asked,”How much martini did you drink during this shoot?” Obama said that this photo was taken at noon, and the host Jimmy joked:”Oh, so you have no excuses (drinking).” < /p>

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Then, Jimmy talks about In the current tense situation in the United States, for example, the current President Trump refused to admit that he lost to Joe in the 2020 general election. Biden (Joe Biden ). When Obama was asked if the White House has a secret place where “someone can hide” and can’t get out of it, Obama responded:“Well, I think we can send the Navy SEALS there to take him. Dig it out.” Obama then solemnly said:”I hope the transition of power can proceed better, because we have lost time in these crises.” He said:”When I took office, we were in a big crisis. Financial crisis. Former President George W. Bush and I have obvious policy differences, but he is a good man, he is a patriot. He ordered everyone on his team to work closely with us during the transition phase. This is really great. However, this actually helped us gain a head start in containing a possible Great Depression instead of the Great Recession.”

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In the interview, Obama also responded to Trump’s”Osama bin Laden conspiracy theory.” Obama said:”Listen, I Meaning, this is ridiculous unless the president of the United States reposted it,” he added,”this is not what you want from a U.S. military commander in chief.” According to reports, Trump reposted it on October 13. The article claimed that bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaeda, was not dead, and that only his substitute was killed before. During the U.S. election this year, Trump repeatedly criticized Biden’s ability to conduct (military) raids and questioned Biden’s leadership. Trump wrote in a tweet in September that Biden often makes mistakes. He supports the launch of the Iraq war, supports the reduction of military spending, and opposes the plan to kill bin Laden.

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Jimmy is interviewing At the end, I asked Obama if he and the first lady celebrated on the night he successfully ordered the killing of bin Laden. Jimmy said:”When I read this book, you said you heard people shouting’America, America, America’ outside the White House, and there was this picture in my mind:I did it.” Obama responded:”I suspect that she fell asleep because the truth of the matter is that most of the time, when I finish my work, she is already asleep.” When Jimmy said that Obama didn’t need to make excuses, Obama replied,”This is not an excuse. This is my sadness.”


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