Official:Mbappé, Neymar’s contract extension is in progress

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This week’s football has entered the international game day. During this time, our sports director Leonardo also put aside his work, opened his heart to the official website reporter’s microphone, and talked about the future of the team. development strategy!

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Team injury< /p>

Under the special background affected by the epidemic in 2020, injuries are the nightmare of all teams, such as Fati of Barcelona, ​​ Bayern’s Kimmich, now many giants have to face a shortage of soldiers.

This year, French football has not had any football matches for four months, which is unprecedented. But we still reached the finals of the three events! Before the start of the season, the team did not have much time to train, which also brought a huge test to the current team.

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Progress of player renewal

Here I would like to tell you that Greater Paris is proceeding with Neymar, Mbappé, Di Maria, Draxler, Bernat and some young talents renewal work. The process has already begun and there will be more in-depth talks in the coming weeks!

At this moment is the critical period of football renewal, and Paris is also in the most powerful structure of the age, the next five years we are determined to become a truly top team!

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transfer window

2020 is really a very special year. Our work in Xia Chuang is more difficult than before. Who to buy, how much budget, and how to negotiate prices are extremely complicated due to the impact of the epidemic. Only when the right time comes, you can make a final decision to bring them to PSG to contribute to the team.

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and The relationship between Tuchel

Supporting coaches is the mission of every club, and both sides must stand on the united front , I don’t want to disclose too much. I just want to say that disagreements are normal everywhere. Everyone at work has different thinking about how to deal with things, especially in the football industry.

At this moment, Paris needs to stay focused and work together for the same goal! Before Christmas, I hope the team can use its performance to bring everyone an unforgettable time.

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European Championship

Although the team is in a critical situation, there is still great hope for promotion! This group is actually a bit crazy. Everyone wins and loses, loses and wins, and is very open. The next round with RB Leipzig must not be missed. Paris must be prepared! After all, our performance really needs to be improved.

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Future outlook

I am an optimist, Paris has all the necessary conditions for success! Top players, well-known international metropolises, and ambitious managers! All this makes us look forward to the future.

Last season, PSG won the domestic four championships. The Champions League is only one step away. Although it was not complete, when we look back on history, everyone can see that the history of this club is being A group of team members change little by little. We are the forerunner of history and the forerunner of the future.

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