Over 1 billion yuan financial project landed! Zhongshan West District opens a new chapter in”digital economy”

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On the morning of November 18th, the 2020 (third) Zhongshan Internet Application Innovation Conference opened in Zhongshan West District. Nearly 300 practitioners from the Internet industry in Zhongshan City attended the opening ceremony of the conference.

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The theme of this conference is”Digital Intelligence Zhongshan·Creating the Future”. On the spot, the West District Office signed contracts with GF Xinde and Jindo Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.; among them, GF Xinde will promise to set up two funds from 1.1 billion yuan. The investment scope of the fund will cover the fields of environmental protection, new economy, consumer and modern service industries, and new generation information technology industries. After the project is fully implemented, it is expected to help the Western District to use the”Internet + Finance” innovation industry as a breakthrough point to create a digital economy industry integration development zone, and become an important gathering place for financial technology and smart industries in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

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GDP”turns positive” and the growth rate of emerging industries is as high as 168.5%

“The West District is a traditional business district. With the rapid development of the Internet, Traditional industries are facing the challenge of new economic formats.” In the opening speech, Ouyang Jinquan, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the West District Street, introduced that in recent years, the West District is making every effort to promote the development of the Internet industry with innovation as its core. The Zhonglianchuang Industrial Demonstration Park has never It has developed into the largest Internet industry cluster in the city, with 6 professional parks (with a total area of ​​119,000 square meters) and more than 500 Internet companies. It has introduced Zhongkai Wisdom, Huitong Information, and Yilang Technology (Google Overseas Experience Center) and many other information technology companies are in the forefront of the city in terms of e-commerce, big data, new media, R&D and design.

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According to the figures, in the first three quarters of this year, the growth rate of emerging industries such as science and technology research and development and information software in the West District reached 168.5%and 15.8%, which has made a significant contribution to the”positive” GDP of the whole district. At present, the West District is taking advantage of the trend to continue to promote the transformation and development of traditional industries into e-commerce industries. Through various measures such as supporting policies, cultivating development platforms, and establishing industrial funds, the ecological environment of the e-commerce industry is continuously optimized, and the traditional service industry and manufacturing are continuously optimized. The integrated development of industry, Internet and finance has injected new vitality and impetus into the economic development of the whole district and even the whole city.

“Zhongshan Internet Application Innovation Conference has been successfully held for two sessions so far, and has received enthusiastic response in Zhongshan and even the Greater Bay Area. We use the meeting as the medium, make friends through the meeting, and tap the Internet application field. , Learning, research, capital and other elements, focusing on helping companies solve the problems of innovation, investment (financing), talents, etc., share opportunities and develop together.” said Ouyang Jinquan.

“Finance + Internet” is a breakthrough to dig deep into the new momentum of the digital economy

In the past two years, the digital economy has been promoted from all over the country to the local High-quality economic development is an important means of cultivating new kinetic energy and new growth points. In this context, Zhongshan took advantage of the momentum and proposed at the Ninth Plenary Session of the 14th Zhongshan Municipal Party Committee,”We must actively participate in the construction of Guangdong National Digital Economy Innovation and Development Pilot Zone… Accelerate the construction of artificial intelligence and digital economy pilot zones, and plan the layout. Industrial bases such as ultra-high-definition video, smart terminals, and Xinchuang will cultivate the core competitiveness of the digital economy.” During the plenary session, the”Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Development of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy in Zhongshan” made its debut in the plenary session.

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It is foreseeable that the digital economy, as a new driving force for high-quality development, will gradually become an important engine for Zhongshan’s economic growth, an initiative for transformation and upgrading, and a main position for entrepreneurship and innovation. For the West District, the largest Internet industry cluster in Zhongshan City, the first thing to do is to establish strategic ideas that are compatible with the development of the digital economy, anchor goals, and accelerate the digital transformation of the industry and the high-quality development of the real economy.

“Now that the distribution of traditional industries has basically settled, Zhongshan West District can only take the lead in the future by developing emerging industries and avoid missing the high-speed development train again during technological revolution and industrial upgrading.” West District Zhang Junfeng, deputy secretary of the Sub-district Party Working Committee and director of the office, in the future, the West District will accelerate the integrated development of the interconnection industry, manufacturing, and service industries in accordance with the strategic thinking of “strong policies, build platforms, gather resources, and promote applications”.

Specifically, in terms of policies, the Western District will implement supporting measures, management systems and policy systems that are conducive to the development of the digital economy industry, such as fiscal and taxation support policies; at the same time, promote the construction of service platform systems such as cross-border e-commerce , Explore the establishment of a standard system covering electronic payment, certification, tax payment and Internet consumer rights protection, and create a business environment with stable policy environment, transparent market, efficient and convenient services, and controllable risks.

In terms of platform building, the West District will build on the existing six industrial platforms of Zhonglianchuang, give full play to the advantages of integrating resources and gathering enterprises, and build an ecosystem centered on platform-based enterprises and participated by many enterprises. Circle to enhance industrial synergy and scale efficiency.

In the subsequent activities, the Western District signed contracts with Guangfa Xinde Investment Management Co., Ltd. and Jindo Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. respectively. According to Zeng Jian, deputy general manager of GF Xinde, GF Xinde will invest 1.1 billion yuan to set up two funds after the project is completed, mainly investing in environmental protection new economy, consumer and modern service industry, new generation information technology industry and other fields.

The digital economy is responsible for cultivating new kinetic energy and facilitating the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Zeng Jian believes that the native digital products may usher in an explosive growth period in the next few years. After the project is launched in the Western District, it is expected to help regional economic development through investment, and will be used in cloud computing, consumption and modern service industries. The areas of development potential form a certain agglomeration effect.

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It is worth mentioning that the two-day Internet Application Innovation Conference has arranged a total of eight events, focusing on digital economy, artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet, Internet celebrity live broadcast, cross-border telecom Discuss.

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