Pang Li:Substitution due to consideration of the opponent’s fierce attack, Liao Junjian was injured and disrupted the deployment

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=c60b913dba279f703b55386be7b2fad7 - Pang Li:Substitution due to consideration of the opponent's fierce attack, Liao Junjian was injured and disrupted the deploymentTiger Fight November 18 News Today, Zhejiang Greentown drew 2-2 with Wuhan Zall. At the press conference after the game, Zall coach Pang Li stated that Liao Junjian’s injury disrupted the team’s deployment.

Talk about the game

First of all, I would like to thank the Wuhan fans who have arrived far away. Today is a working day, so I can cheer for us in our busy schedule , This is the greatest inspiration and motivation for us. Today, the players on both sides worked very hard. Both sides played well in half of the game. I said that this kind of knockout is very cruel. The players are under a lot of psychological pressure. We will seriously summarize when we go back, especially the problems that occurred in the second half. , We will study carefully and strive to play the next game. This is a 180-minute game, but the first half is not over yet.

Talk about the physical condition of Han Pengfei, Liao Junjian and Li Xing

Liao Junjian’s situation will be asked to the team doctor, Li Xing because of his injuries for a long time, his body is still unable to play for 90 minutes. He shouldn’t have much problem.

Talk about the next round of competition

Because of the accident of Liao Junjian’s injury, which disrupted our deployment before the game, we still played very well, continue In the first half, this kind of high-pressure press, to put pressure on the opponent. In the second half, we had a passive adjustment in the personnel, so we adjusted the formation, and we must seriously summarize it when we go back.

Talk about the substitution and adjustment of this game

Because we played well in the first half, in the second half, considering that the opponent will launch a fierce attack, mainly Liao Junjian’s accident The injury disrupted our deployment. These three were matchup substitutions, but the situation on the court was out of control. We made timely personnel adjustments to maintain balance on the court.

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