Persistence is not necessarily correct, knowing that flexibility is wisdom, and thinking has changed.

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People who are walking must be able to see the mountains and rivers in the distance, but also be able to see the road under their feet.”Don’t care about the short-term gains and losses, based on the overall consideration of the workaround” is often a shortcut to the destination. Poorness leads to change, and change leads to success. Persistence may not be correct, knowing flexibility is wisdom.

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There is a person who is practicing Zen and visiting the Tao, and asks the master:&34;What is the proper relationship between a person and others? &34;The master said four words to him.

The first sentence, &34; treat yourself as someone else. &34;

Students think for a while:I understand that a person has great joy, a little light, and feels that this is nothing but other people’s things; if there is great sadness, lighten it, and think that others will do it too catch up. &34;Treat yourself as someone else&34;, then happiness and sorrow can pass quickly.

The master said the second sentence:&34;Treat others as yourself. &34;

Students thought for a while:This probably means comparing one’s heart to one’s own, and thinking about others.

Master laughed:&34;You are very good. &34; Then he said the third sentence:&34; Treat others as others. &34;

Students said frowning:Does it mean that everyone is independent and everyone needs to be respected, so we must proceed from the standpoint of others? The master said:&34; Your understanding is very good. &34;

Next, the teacher said the fourth sentence:&34; Treat yourself as yourself. &34;

Students sit for a while:This sentence is too deep, I still have to understand it.

It looks like a word game, with deep Zen meaning. The value of these”self” and”others” is that you change your thinking from a different perspective every time.

For a bottle of mineral water, some people say it is long, which is right because you look at it vertically; some people say it is round, but it is also right because you look at it from the bottom of the bottle.

Sometimes, you can only be invincible by changing your mind.

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The crow drinks water, one is still throwing stones, and the other is already using a straw. Using the thinking ten years ago to do things ten years later, it may be exhausted, may die of thirst, and may only be enough to sustain Life, so if you don’t want to be eliminated, you must keep pace with the times and change your mind!

A farmer living in Florida bought a farm. After buying it, he felt very depressed. The land was so bad that neither fruit nor pigs could grow. Only poplars and rattlesnakes could grow. However, the farmer had a good idea to turn what he had into an asset—he wanted to use the rattlesnakes.

The farmer’s approach surprised everyone because he started to make canned rattlesnake meat. Almost 20,000 tourists visit his rattlesnake farm every year.

His business is very big. The snake venom taken from his rattlesnake was transported to major pharmaceutical factories to make snake venom serum; rattlesnake skins were sold at a high price to make women’s shoes and purses; cans containing rattlesnake meat were sent to the whole In the hands of customers all over the world.

In memory of this gentleman who made the”poisonous lemon” into a”sweet lemonade”, this village has now been renamed the Florida Rattlesnake Village.

The farmer has a good idea. When things happen, there will always be a solution-thinking about the problem from another angle will usually solve some of the problems that bother us.

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Many times, people only need to Make”abandoned” things valuable. For example, the waste removed from the Berlin Wall in Germany was collected by some smart businessmen, processed and turned into pieces of historical monumental treasures, which were eventually bought by many people. In fact, this method is called &34; &34;

In Germany, when a papermaker was producing paper, he made a mistake in the formula and produced a batch of waste paper that could not be written. As a result, he was fired by his boss.

When he was frustrated and frowning, one of his friends advised him:&34;Everything has two sides, you may wish to change your mind and look at it, and maybe find something useful from your mistakes Come.”So, he found that the water absorption performance of this batch of paper is quite good, can absorb the water on the household appliances. Then, he cut the paper into small pieces, named it &34;absorbent paper&34;, and sold it in the market. It turned out to be very popular. Later, he applied for a patent and made a fortune exclusively producing absorbent paper.

When the objective environment cannot be changed, change your own ideas and learn to be flexible, so that you can find a way to success in a desperate situation.

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In the Zhenzong period of the Northern Song Dynasty, the deputy commander of the army and horses, Shi Zhangmin, was ordered to train cavalry. Because he was too strict, did not pay attention to the combination of tension and relaxation, and was eager to achieve success, the officers and soldiers could not bear it, so he planned a mutiny in private, and the seemingly calm underwater undercurrents surged, and a long brewing mutiny was about to erupt.

After the court learned of this situation, Song Zhenzong called the ministers to discuss countermeasures. Most people advocated the removal of the military power of Shi Zhangmin under the command of the deputy commander of the army and horse, the use of strong methods to arrest those who instigated the mutiny, and color those who attempted the mutiny to show the majesty of the court.

Only the prime minister, Wang Dan, disagrees with this hard-to-hard approach. He believes that the removal of the military power of Shi Zhangmin, the deputy commander of the army and horse, means that the court blames Zhang Min for improper handling and has no means to lead the troops. Come, then how can others lead soldiers in the future? If the person who initiated the mutiny is immediately arrested, it may cause a mess that is worse than the mutiny.

Song Zhenzong asked Wang Dan what to do. Wang Dan said:&34;I remember several times before that His Majesty wanted to appoint Zhang Min as Private Envoy , now if he is promoted to privy envoy, it will not only relieve his military power, but also settle the rebel soldiers, the matter will calm down all at once, and it will kill two birds with one stone. Why not do it?”Song Zhenzong felt reasonable, so he did what Wang Dan said, and promoted Zhang Min, which not only relieved Zhang Min’s military power, but also calmed down the grievances of the soldiers who were about to break out of mutiny. Everyone got what they wanted. Everyone was happy.

Change your mind to a wider world. Before dealing with many things, we must calm down, think calmly, weigh the pros and cons, and perhaps find the best path to overcome the tough with softness and resolve the crisis.

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A fish pond was opened, and the fishing fee was 100 yuan. The boss said that he would send a chicken if he didn’t catch a fish, so many people went there. When I came back, everyone was carrying a chicken. Later, the old fish pond janitor said that the boss was a professional chicken farmer, and there was no fish in the fish pond. This method is called”destocking” >!

A few days later, another fish pond was opened. Fishing was free, but the fish caught cost 15 yuan a catty. As a result, many people went there.

The strange thing is that no matter whether you can fish or not, you can catch dozens of fish a day. Everyone thinks that they are master fishing.

Later, the old fish pond janitor said that the fish was bought from the wholesale market for 3 yuan a catty, and the boss’s son was potentially underwater, one by one hung on their hooks… This method is called &34;Supply-side reform&34;

Two days later, the third foreign chain fishpond opened. This fishpond implements cast-net-style fishing, allowing customers to put on clothes, hats, ride on small boats and pretend to be fishermen , To experience farming culture, Yutang is specially responsible for sending people to take pictures, and send customers to WeChat Moments to improve customers’ compelling status. Finally, the net fish is only 10 yuan a catty.

Many people went there happily. There were dozens of catties of fish in one net, and the daily sales of fish ponds rose from 500 catties to 10,000 catties. And the time period is greatly shortened, customers are very happy to experience fishing, and the wholesale market has also gone to inventory.

Later, the fish pond janitor said, This method is called”deleveraging reform”.

The fourth fish pond has opened again. Inspired by the first three fish ponds, this fish pond is free to fish and the fish caught can be taken away for free.

Many people went happily, but someone caught a mermaid! Then the fishermen had lunch with the mermaid, and the income from catering services was much higher than before!

The old man who looks at the fish pond said that mermaids are actually paid for! This method is called &34;Deep digging into customer needs&34;.

Recently, fish ponds have been opened more frequently, and they have become a popular project. The boss told the frequent fishing customers that investing in fish ponds is too profitable. It pays back in half a year and doubles in a year.

In order to give back to our old customers, we are launching a membership incentive plan. With a one-time investment of 18 thousand, you can enjoy life-long membership treatment, and at the same time, you can enjoy 1%of the shares. ,

Customers are worried that they have nowhere to invest. For such a good project, a hundred people paid in less than one morning. Later, the fish pond janitor said that the boss borrowed 200,000 yuan from the bank last year. It was overdue, and it was finally paid today, and the salary that was owed for half a year was also paid. This method is called”asset securitization”.

On the opening day of the fifth fish pond, the media widely reported that many big-name entrepreneurs went to learn from their experience.

The fish pond boss couldn’t stand it anymore, and finally had to Explain:It turns out that the master janitor is the major shareholder behind the scenes of the fish pond.

Dominates the success of each transformation and transformation. When interviewed by reporters, the old master choked with tears and said:I was just a middle-level enterprise. , To have today’s achievements, the source is continuous learning! This is called:”Knowledge changes destiny, thinking determines the way out”!

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Many things in life often turn:roads turn, things turn, and destiny sometimes turns.

Life is like a river, turning and winding continuously to overcome the high mountains, gather hundreds of rivers and become a giant current.

The true meaning of life is realization, not pursuit; it is to face the real environment, know how to turn around and grow, rather than rampage or escape.

In the spring of life, we can fully enjoy the gentle spring breeze and warm sunshine as much as possible. When encountering the cold winter, we must adjust the pace in time and grasp the pulse of life without rushing. In a person’s life, he has to go through ups and downs and rampage. The one who blindly fights is the recklessness, and the wise man is the strategist who knows how to adapt.

The mountains are silent, but majestic; the flowing water is endless, and it is itself agile.

Stable atmosphere, tall and straight, are the characteristics of the mountain; when encountering rocks, it divides, and when encounters waterfalls, it is the personality of water. Water can pass through rocks, mountains can block water, mountains are wonderful, water is beautiful, and mountains are surrounded by water and water surrounds the mountains, making it even more beautiful.