Pies in the sky! A meteorite smashed the roof, and the owner became a multimillionaire

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An old saying goes:There is no pie in the sky, but in fact there are”pies” in the sky. Recently, a coffin maker was working next to his house on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Suddenly, a meteorite from the sky penetrated the roof and hit the side of the balcony, smashing a 15cm deep pit. This meteorite belongs to the CM1/2 carbonaceous chondrite. It has a history of 4.5 billion years and weighs 2100 grams. The price is as high as 5600 yuan per gram, which means that this meteorite is worth 12.16 million yuan. Also transformed into a multi-millionaire.

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The meteorite originated from Outer space is a natural object remaining after it hits the surface of the earth. When it was still in space, it was called a meteoroid. When it entered the atmosphere, the impact pressure caused the object to heat up and emit light, so it became a fireball, and it was also called a meteor. Most of the meteoroids will melt and disappear under friction with the atmosphere when they enter the earth, and a small part of the meteorites that fall to the ground before melting are called meteorites.

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Why meteorite prices Is it so expensive? There are mainly the following two points:

First, things are rare and expensive. At present, there are about 60,000 meteorites collected in the world. According to astronomical experts, meteorites fall less than one piece per square kilometer in 10,000 years, and they are not found due to geographical conditions and other reasons, so they are very little preserved in people’s hands. my country is the country with the largest amount of meteorites in the world, and the total amount is only more than 2,000. The rarity of meteorites leads to a certain collection value and space for speculation. For the rich, the price is expensive, and the rare meteorites from mysterious outer space can show their wealth and special status.

Second, it has important scientific research value

by studying meteorites, we can learn some outer space intelligence and discover Some unique materials in outer space even have research value on the origin of mankind. Some scientists discovered organic molecules-polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in a meteorite from Mars. This indicates that Mars may have a fairly warm and humid climate billions of years ago, suitable for the existence and maintenance of life. Some scientists believe that the elements of life on Earth may come from meteorites at the earliest. And studying meteorites may also be a convenient and economical way to understand outer space on Earth, so many people are very concerned about meteorite collection.

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precisely because Meteorites are expensive. Under the temptation of huge profits, there are some meteorite hunters who specialize in finding meteorites. They usually gather meteorites to find meteorites in many places, deep mountains and old forests or in the desert next door, and then sell them at high prices for profit.


p style=”text-align:justify”>Because a meteorite is a foreign object from the sky, it is not a cultural relic, so it can be judged as unowned, that is,”who finds it belongs to whom”. Therefore, the coffin merchant in the text can become a multi-millionaire.