“Pipi Shrimp” grew like this 500 million years ago

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Shrimp-shaped fossils 500 million years ago [The”pipi shrimp” grew like this 500 million years ago] On November 5, the British”Nature” magazine reported that a 500 million species discovered by the Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Many years ago, animal fossils resembling shrimps. Its body combines the characteristics of the giant marine predator”Odd shrimp” and arthropods (such as insects, shrimps, crabs) at that time. Named”Zhang’s Kirin Shrimp”, it is a transitional species that unlocks the mystery of the origin of arthropods. This is another major new scientific discovery in the”Chengjiang Fauna” in Yunnan, my country, which adds empirical evidence to the theory of biological evolution. (Reporter Yang Zekun)

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Source:China Daily