Pompeo’s visit with ulterior motives is particularly embarrassing…

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Xinhua News Agency, Washington, November 19 (Reporter Pinran Liu) Recently, the US Secretary of State Pompeo is really not idle. From Europe to the Middle East, he is embarking on intensive visits to seven countries for ten days. Some foreign media referred to this”long-distance trip” as a”farewell trip.” There is indeed no lack of”ulterior motives” arrangements in the itinerary, but the effect…

In France, the enthusiastic”Twitter diplomacy” was cold and embarrassing; in Turkey, it was embarrassing that there was no government official on a visit…

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On September 25, 2019, in New York, U.S. President Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo attended a press conference. Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Muzishe

Some analysts also pointed out that Pompeo’s overseas visits in the name of serving American diplomacy were using his own”political calculation.”

Visit France:

Several indications were ignored

For Pompeo’s visit in France, the adjectives given by the media were”low-key” and”zero Welcome ceremony”. The report also stated that the French side classified the visit as a”courtesy visit” and did not arrange a press conference. French Foreign Minister Le Drian did not even invite Pompeo to meet in his office as usual.

However, the most embarrassing scene occurred on the social media Twitter that Pompeo attaches great importance to.

Pompeo after meeting with French President Macron and Le Drian, and when leaving France, He sent three enthusiastic tweets, praising French relations, and Macron and Le Drian. However, not only did the two official accounts fail to respond to Pompeo, they did not even mention Pompeo’s visit. The account of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs also has no”meaning” in a picture.

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Screenshot of Pompeo’s tweet.

This is not over yet. About two hours after being Pompeo, Le Drian sent a tweet to Biden and Harris, saying that he would”rethink transatlantic relations.”

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Screenshot of Le Drian’s tweet.

Visit Turkey:

I suggest that the United States”look in the mirror”

The relationship between the United States and Turkey has been stumbling. Turkey’s recent test-fire of the Russian-made S-400 air defense system has been condemned by the United States. In addition, the two countries have also been at odds over issues such as Libya and the Eastern Mediterranean. Pompeo knowingly”go”, of course unavoidable embarrassment.

According to reports, Pompeo only met with Orthodox leaders in Istanbul during his stay in Turkey, and did not meet with the Turkish government Meeting with officials. In this regard, the reason given by the US State Department is that”the schedule of the two parties does not match.”

Bloomberg quoted a Turkish diplomat as saying that Pompeo refused to go to Ankara, the Turkish capital, to meet with the Turkish foreign minister. Instead, he asked the Turkish foreign minister to go to Istanbul. This behavior caused dissatisfaction with the Turkish side.

Regardless of whether the”itinerary is not suitable” or”the offender deceives the host” is somewhat true or false, but before Pompeo’s visit, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement criticizing Pompeo for borrowing Taking the opportunity of the trip to discuss the arrangements for the so-called”religious issues in Turkey”, it is recommended that the United States”look in the mirror” and pay more attention to domestic issues such as racism and hate crimes.

Visit Israel:

Ignore the dispute and have another idea

Besides embarrassment, there is also dispute.

According to US media reports, Pompeo plans to travel to the Golan Heights and Jewish settlements in the West Bank during his stay in Israel. This will be the first visit by the US Secretary of State to these two regions.

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On March 21, 2019, in Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu (right) shook hands with visiting US Secretary of State Pompeo at a press conference. Xinhua News Agency/Kini Photo Agency

In 1967, Israel occupied the Golan Heights and in the third Middle East War. West Bank area. In March 2019, Trump signed an announcement recognizing Israel’s “sovereignty” over the Golan Heights. On November 18 of the same year, Pompeo stated that the US government no longer regards Israeli Jewish settlements in the West Bank as”inconsistent with international law.” These actions have been condemned by many countries and international organizations.

Some analysts pointed out that Pompeo deliberately arranged a controversial itinerary during his visits to Turkey and Israel. The main purpose was to cater to the conservative Christian forces in the United States, and to look for opportunities to gain political capital for the post-Secretary To prepare for the”political future”. (Editor:Liu Yang, Sun Hao)