Post by Lianhe Zaobao:New National University announces investigation results, no evidence to prove Zheng Yongnian sexual harassment

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November 17th in Singapore The university issued an expert on China issues, the dean of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Global and Contemporary China, and the former director of the East Asian Institute of the National University of Singapore.Zheng Yongnian After the”Sexual Harassment” investigation report, Singapore’s”Lianhe Zaobao” subsequently issued an article with the title of”The National University Announces Investigation Results:No Evidence Confirms Zheng Yongnian’s Sexual Harassment” to further clarify the facts.

So far, all the past facts have proved The so-called”sexual harassment” scandal of Zheng Yongnian is an artificial conspiracy, and Singapore’s”Lianhe Zaobao” has acted as a contemptible”thug” for this.

“Lianhe Zaobao” first uses the The media tool made a notorious columnist who had been dedicated to it for 20 years, and then slapped the columnist’s innocent sex. The so-called independent journalism that he was willing to be a “thug” and ruined his reputation must be reported. A very disgraceful stroke left in the history of industry development.

National University of Singapore has difficult results Run away from”connivance”. Malicious framers were not punished and punished as they should. Instead, they were tolerated and supported by the National University. An old professor who had worked hard for the National University for more than 20 years did not receive the comfort and care he deserved. Instead, he was forced to leave. Not only has it affected the academic reputation of the National University, but it is also expected to chill the hearts of the professors and scholars who are still working for the National University. For what purpose does the National University do this? Is it really protecting women’s rights?

Facts also prove that those who clean up will clean up themselves . The poop that was buckled on Professor Zheng Yongnian’s body could only be a poop in the end.

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< p>Lianhe Zaobao’s clarification report

The following is the original text of Lianhe Zaobao:

The famous professor Zheng Yongnian was previously accused of harassing female staff of the East Asia Institute.

The National University of Singapore issued an announcement yesterday morning, announcing that the Committee of Inquiry established by the National University has completed its investigation of the incident.

The three allegations involved in Zheng Yongnian investigated by the National University of China, in order:Put your hands on East Asia at a meeting on May 9, 2018 The shoulder and head of a female staff member of the institute; hug the female staff member and pat her buttocks at a meeting on May 30, 2018; and hold the back of the staff member of the East Asia Research Institute when taking group photos in October 2018.

The report mentioned that Zheng Yongnian admitted to embracing the female employee in the office on May 30, 2018, but denied patting or touching her buttocks. Except for the”hug” that Zheng Yongnian himself admitted, the investigation committee pointed out that there is a lack of evidence and the authenticity of other allegations cannot be verified.

The allegations of sexual harassment against Zheng Yongnian have previously attracted a lot of attention. The person concerned called the police at that time, and the police closed the case after giving Zheng Yongnian a”severe warning” after the investigation, without further filing a lawsuit or leaving a record of the case. Analysis by legal professionals shows that there is insufficient evidence to prove that the allegations of indecent assault are true. As for the reason why the police still gave a”serious warning”, it may be because the incident involved improper behavior in other aspects. After the police investigation was over, the National University conducted an internal investigation of the university. Today, the results of the internal investigation of the National University are announced.

On the other hand, some people have previously reported on the Internet to accuse Zheng Yongnian of indecent assault on the female staff of the East Asia Institute in 2012. At that time, the police decided to close the case without further action. That is a false accusation.


Professor Zheng Yongnian’s statement< br>

This morning,”Lianhe Zaobao” The article was issued again, and the full text of the statement issued by Professor Zheng Yongnian was published.

The following is the original text of the”Statement”:

1. The National University of Singapore issued a statement, in Attachment 1 itemizes the investigation results of the Allegations and Investigation Committee, and confirms that the allegation that a staff member of the East Asia Institute (the staff member) said that I sexually harassed her was not established.

2. Regarding the staff’s three allegations, my response to the investigation committee is as follows:

First, she said that when she visited me for the first time in the office on May 9, 2018, I patted her on the head and shoulders. I deny the accusation, and I did not have any physical contact with her that day;

Second, she claimed that I hugged and patted her ass when I met her in the office on May 30, 2018. I deny the accusation. At the time, I just patted her shoulder. My left arm was suffering from frozen shoulder, so I just patted her shoulder with my right arm;

Third, she said that in 2018 When taking a group photo on foot on October 21, I walked around a person to touch her back. I deny the accusation. The person standing among us was my wife, and I did not touch her back at all. The photos at the time showed that my arm was hidden by my wife’s shoulders. Objectively, there was no possibility of bypassing my wife to touch the employee’s back.

3. The National University Investigation Committee believes that my practice of hugging her (or touching her shoulder) on May 30, 2018 was inappropriate and did not get the staff member ‘S consent violated school rules. Regarding this point, I must emphasize the following facts and premises:that day, the staff member’s meeting with me in the office was about to end. When I was about to see off the guest, she proposed that she wanted to make friends with my daughter and proposed to accompany me in my busy times daughter. I told her that my daughter was not in Singapore at the time; I also told her that it didn’t matter that they had a chance to meet in the future. The staff member made a disappointed expression, and I gave her a Western hug (patted her shoulder with my right hand) to show her comfort and thanks for her kindness, but there was nothing inappropriate with her. contact.

4. After I refused to be her doctoral tutor and the co-author of her article, the staff reported to the police after nearly a year I. During this year, the staff member called”struggling”. During the year, the staff member took the initiative to show to me many times, gave me desserts she made, actively participated in my academic lectures and walking activities, and before calling the police I still liked my article in the WeChat group for 12 hours. I treated the staff’s goodwill politely and did not respond in particular.

5. From the beginning to the end of the whole incident, I never made any criticism of the staff member, but the staff member repeatedly criticized me in the media. The attack, a few weeks ago, as a researcher at the Institute of East Asian Studies at the National University of Singapore, sent mass e-mails slandering me to many universities in China, the Ministry of Education, and scholars. This is very regrettable.

6. The National University of Singapore stated in a statement that it will continue to provide support to the staff. I am very sorry and puzzled that the National University of Singapore has always given asylum and appeasement to a person who falsely accuses others and repeatedly attacks others on the Internet. Why doesn’t NUS protect the professors who have worked for it for more than 20 years? Could it be that during this period, the distress and pressure caused by a false accuser to my work and mentality are not within the scope of the university’s consideration? Regarding the above points, the National University did not give any explanation to me, a former professor of the National University who has worked hard for more than 20 years.

7. Regarding the severe warning issued by the police, the legal advice I got is that according to the court case:


? The warning has no binding force on the legal rights, interests and responsibilities of the parties;

? The warning does not, and does not mean that it is a legally binding declaration of a crime or factual judgment. Because only the court has the power to make such judgments and factual judgments.

? It cannot have any binding force on the parties, nor can it be a consideration in the judgment of the court in the future.

8. Finally, I sincerely thank you for your concern!

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