Prose:Light Winter, a light ink painting

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winter ink pale, yellow faded , Withered red, the old frame was covered with a thin layer of coolness.


Not tepid, use the lightest pen and ink to outline, silky ink, cold smoke, thin Soaked, the painterly veil, slowly enveloped. A touch of cold, a curl of smoke, in the painting of light winter, there is only bleakness without thickness.

A few fallen leaves, falling and passing by, just like cold light meeting the hot sun, clumsy or light technique, desolate and quintessential strokes, thin and thin strokes, and then say goodbye to Yiyi to autumn.

Opening the window, a dim mist, faintly immersed, light, color, and lines all appear so quiet and thin. Staring, as if admiring a light ink, in the tranquility and quietness of the season, there is a deep and shallow, elegant and solemn fleeting splendor.

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Shen smoke, fallen leaves; attic, small window, this is a sketch in itself, Time goes slowly, time freezes, and what is looming in the painting is a feeling of nostalgia.

Cold wind, branches; light fog, frost, this is a kind of pictorial inspiration drifting, time flies, time flies, this is not only a nostalgia for autumn, but also a sigh for winter.

I silently stood in front of the window, admiring this light winter picture at a 45-degree angle. The curled leaves and the bleak cold wind made me sad.

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The wind is singing, the leaves are swaying, and in the voice-over, the passion of life is still burning, Is time not old, or feelings not old? In the faded scenery, who is still flying with haggard sleeves? Who is still singing on the dry branches?

A quiet window, I know, it’s the leaves dancing that can’t bear to leave, it’s the butterflies that don’t want to die, no matter how cold the pictures of the winter are, life’s love for it, Undiminished at all, smart but not slow.

Look, the small bridge and flowing water, look, the cold smoke cottage, look, the cold forest of Cangshan, the combination is a picture of clear spirits. The rotation of a stroke of fallen leaves, the murmur of a stroke of flowing water, a stroke of smoky smoke, the rendering of a little frost, the light ink, and the dry pen are all included in the picture scroll.

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The wilderness, mountains and forests; withered branches and thin shadows are the bedding for shallow winter, shallow cold , Mottled; fragmented, desolate, all fragments of painting, even the remaining shadows have found their home in the scroll.

Standing in front of the scroll of light winter, you will feel a magnificent and mature picture, the vicissitudes of color, the cold lines, and the simple rendering always make people feel sentimental.

Actually, every season is a picture scroll, but the light winter picture scroll is deeply integrated into the sentiment of nostalgia, this desolation, this bleakness, the most expression is the restoration of life True tones.

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The truly beautiful life is those days that fade away, plain, simple and never lived A lot of rendering, and at the same time, a bit of desolation and vicissitudes, such a life is practical and stable.

Staring at this light winter picture scroll, let your thoughts jump out of the picture frame, you will find that there is still the leisure of life, and the silence of time, the shallow lines are also full The setbacks and deep traces of the cycle of four seasons.

And at this time, the prosperity fades away. After the test, the poignant beauty is revealed. When life is immersed in the paintings of shallow winter, this is another picture of prosperity faded away, with transparent colors. The portrayal of returning to nature.

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I am born here, so why not in such a painting, I see myself walking through every What about one season? But a few strokes outline the framework and connotation of our lives, whether it is painting, ink, and brushwork, they are all so harmonious and unified.

So, Qiandong’s paintings are the perception and understanding of life, revealing desolation, dignified soul, precipitating thoughts, without losing thought, the atmosphere, tranquility and natural atmosphere.

I think this black-and-white style tone is the most beautiful painting in our life. Perhaps it is because of its authenticity, no modification, simple dots, lines, and surfaces that make people more sensible. Accept easily.

Gazed at this shallow winter landscape again. This is a painting that cannot be dissolved by time and time. It has a vicissitudes, strength and natural beauty, with the calmness and calmness of life hidden in it.

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