Reference news:Trump issued a new tweet, this time it was his family

By yqqlm yqqlm

Refer to a report from the News Network on November 22 According to a report on the US”Politics” website, the US House of Representatives Republican Conference Chairman Liz Cheney on Saturday, local time, urged Trump to respect”the sanctity of our election process” if he cannot prove his allegations of election fraud. She said in a statement:”The United States is bound by the rule of law.””The president and his lawyers have made claims of crime and widespread fraud, which they claim may affect the election results. If they have conclusive evidence, they are obliged to immediately To the court and the American people.”

In response, Trump replied in his latest tweet :”Sorry, Leeds, I cannot accept the election results of thousands of fraudulent ballots, which are enough to easily change the election results. You are just not happy that I want to withdraw the army to their homeland!” (Compilation/Kefan) < /p>

Source:Reference News Network