“Rongzhong | Highlights Review” Eggshell Apartment denies bankruptcy LG Group will spin off multiple subsidiaries

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Rongzhong Finance publishes the edited daily Selected and recommended important content in the financial and Internet industries. To understand today’s major events, see Rongzhong News Review (November 16).

[Key News Review]

1. Hong Kong Stock Exchange The proposed new platform shortens the IPO settlement process:it only takes one day from pricing to listing

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange proposes to launch a new online service platform FINI ( Fast Interface for New Issuance), the Hong Kong Stock Exchange will fully use FINI to handle all future settlement procedures for new shares, and the current”T+5″ procedure will be replaced. It is estimated that the time required for new shares from pricing to listing and trading can be shortened from the current average of five business days or more to the shortest business day, and the settlement cycle can be reduced by as much as 80%.

2.Eggshell Apartment denies bankruptcy, expressing Actively bail out

In response to the Internet transmission of Eggshell Apartments, which will declare bankruptcy on Monday (November 16), the Public Relations Department of Eggshell Apartments responded to the interface news saying, It is a rumor. The company is indeed experiencing financial difficulties, but it is actively dealing with it. Tenants and landlords are also actively responding to problems. Eggshell Apartments promises that they will never run away. Please rest assured. This is an emerging industry and we hope that all parties in the society will give support and understanding.

3. Vanke applied for the registration of multiple”just a rib” trademarks

The data shows that recently, Vanke Enterprise Co., Ltd. applied for multiple”just a rib” trademarks, and the application date was 11 On the 9th, the trademark status was”trademark application in progress”, and the classification involved communication services, scientific instruments, clothing, shoes and hats. Public information shows that in September this year, at the Vanke Southern Regional Media Exchange, Yu Liang, chairman of the Vanke Group’s board of directors, appeared in a black T-shirt with the words”No retreat to speak of” on the back and”Made in Tendon Factory” on the front. Typeface. This is the first time that Vanke’s new brand”Tin Factory” in 2020 has been made public.

4. Tesla is accelerating the construction of the Texas Gigafactory and adopts an all-weather three-shift mode

November 16 news, according to foreign media reports, electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla is using three shifts around the clock The system model promotes the construction of the Texas Super Factory. By advancing the construction in a three-shift mode around the clock, the construction speed of Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory may be comparable to its Shanghai Gigafactory. In this way, Tesla may be able to reach its December goal and begin trial production of its first electric pickup Cybertruck. .

5. Pinduoduo:plans to spawn 10 online IKEA within 5 years

On November 16, at the Nankang Furniture New Brand Planning Conference, Pinduoduo Vice President Chen Qiu said, “In the next five years, the platform will be based on sales and production to help Nankang incubate 20 billion-level furniture brands. At the same time, it will also focus on more than 50 furniture industry clusters across the country and assist in the creation of 10 online IKEA.” According to the statistics of the Furniture E-commerce Association of Nankang District, Ganzhou City, there are more than 2,000 Nankang furniture stores on Pinduoduo platform, and transactions in 2019 The amount exceeds 10 billion yuan.

6. The online distribution channel of Beijing Universal Resort has taken shape, and the first batch of 21 partners has been signed

On November 16, at the 2020 China International Travel Fair, Beijing Universal Resort announced the first batch of 21 official authorized partners of travel channels, including many well-known travel agencies . At present, the online distribution channel of Universal Beijing Resort has taken shape, and the Ctrip flagship store in Universal Beijing Resort has also officially launched, and a limited sale will be released on November 16-18 for Ctrip users in Universal Beijing Resort. .

7. Google Developer Conference kicked off today

November 16 On the 21st, the 2020 Google Developers Conference was held online for the first time. In the keynote speech, Google introduced a series of technical updates such as Android and TensorFlow, and released the Chinese version of Codelabs for the first time, aiming to empower developers to innovate efficiently and continuously create pleasant product experiences.

8. All the people’s K song responds to the punishment for pornography:rectification has been completed, strengthen the review and strictly punish violations and never be merciless

< p style=”text-align:start”> All people’s K song responded that it attaches great importance to the relevant situation and has completed the rectification of the issues mentioned in the announcement within October, and will continue to strengthen the Content review, penalties for illegal content or account numbers will never be softened.

9.Shenzhou Car Rental hit nearly four months The biggest increase in US dollar bonds, MBK agreed to acquire the remaining shares

Hong Kong stocks China Car Rental rose by more than 13%, the largest intraday gain in the past four months . According to an after-hours announcement on Friday, MBK Partners agreed to acquire the remaining shares in China Car Rental for HK$8.5 billion. The purchase price of the company’s 8.875%US dollar debt due in 2022 rose 4.6 cents to 90.486 cents per US dollar, the largest increase since July.

10. LG Group will spin off multiple subsidiaries

According to Yonhap News, a person familiar with the matter said on Monday that LG Group may spin off multiple subsidiaries, and the uncle of LG Group Chairman Koo Guangmo will take over the leadership of the spin-off company.

[Venture Investment Data]

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