“Second place” India has diagnosed over 9 million! The WHO has a statement:no matter how serious the condition is, remdesivir is not recommended

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Global data

World Health Organization:As of 15:59 on the 20th Central European Time (22:59 Beijing Time), confirmed globally The number of cases increased by 620,744 compared with the previous day, reaching 5,623,643; the number of deaths increased by 10,516, reaching 1,355,963.

Johns Hopkins University in the United States:As of 7:25 on the 21st, Beijing time, there were 57,427,358 confirmed cases of new crowns worldwide, and 1,369,767 deaths. The United States is the most severely affected country in the world, with 11,893,096 confirmed cases and 254,271 deaths.

News events

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued new guidelines on the 19th, calling on Americans not to travel during the Thanksgiving holiday to reduce infection and spread The risk of the new crown. Thanksgiving is a traditional American holiday, and this year’s Thanksgiving is on November 26. The new guidelines say that in view of the current seriousness of the epidemic, postponing travel plans and staying at home during the Thanksgiving holiday this year is the best way to protect yourself and others.

On the evening of the 19th, EU leaders held a video conference to discuss the fight against the new crown epidemic. The main topics were to strengthen coordination in rapid testing, vaccination, and lifting of strict control measures.

The spokesperson of the Cyprus government, Kyriacos Kushos, issued a statement on the 19th, saying that the Minister of Agriculture of Cyprus, Costas KadisNew Coronavirus has tested positive and is currently in self-isolation.

WHO European Regional Office Director Kluge said in an online press conference on the 19th that the number of new confirmed cases of new crowns in Europe this week has dropped from the previous week, but the epidemic situation is still severe.

The cumulative number of deaths from the new crown in Mexico exceeds 100,000. The new crown epidemic data released by the Ministry of Health of Mexico on the 19th showed that the country has 576 new deaths compared with the previous day, a total of 100104 cases; 4472 new confirmed cases, a total of 1019543 cases.

On the 20th, India became the second country after the United States with a cumulative number of new crown cases exceeding 9 million. At present, the domestic epidemic situation in India is diverging, and some areas with severe epidemics have introduced new prevention and control measures.

The World Health Organization issued a statement on the 20th that no matter how severe the condition of the new crown hospitalized patients, it is not recommended to use the antiviral drug remdesivir for treatment, because there is currently no evidence that the drug can improve the survival of patients Rate or reduce the patient’s demand for ventilators.

Mongolia’s Ministry of Health said on the 20th that as of 17:00 that day, the country had a total of 557 confirmed cases of COVID-19, of which 130 were confirmed locally, and 357 were cured and discharged.

According to the statistics of the Japan Broadcasting Association TV station, from 0:00 to 20:30 on the 20th local time, there were 2,418 new confirmed cases of new crown in Japan, which has reached a new high for 3 consecutive days, with a total of 128,348 cases; 10 new deaths Cases, a total of 1965 cases. These data do not include cases of the”Diamond Princess” cruise ship.

The data released by Romanian officials on the 20th showed that there were 9272 new confirmed cases of new crown in the country in the past 24 hours, and the cumulative number of confirmed cases exceeded 400,000, reaching 403,123.

Brazil’s new crown epidemic rebounded and confirmed cases exceeded 6 million

The new crown epidemic data released by the Brazilian Ministry of Health on the 20th showed that the country’s cumulative confirmed cases have exceeded 6 million, becoming the world’s second largest And after India, the third country with more than 6 million confirmed cases.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, 38,397 newly confirmed cases in the country within 24 hours, a total of 6020164 confirmed cases; 552 new deaths, a total of 168613 deaths; a total of 5,422,102 cured cases.

The curve of Brazil’s new crown epidemic has declined after reaching its peak at the end of July. However, it has shown a trend of rising again in the past two weeks. The number of newly confirmed cases last week increased by nearly 66%from the previous week, and the situation this week is not optimistic.

A survey by the Brazilian Association of Diagnostic Medicine shows that in the first half of November, the number of new coronavirus tests performed by medical institutions in various places increased by 30%compared with the same period in October, and the number of positive results detected increased by 25%. Among them, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo The largest increase.

Sao Paulo State has always been the most severely affected state in Brazil. According to data from the Brazilian Ministry of Health, as of the 20th, the state has accumulated more than 1.2 million confirmed cases of new crowns and a total of 41,179 deaths.

Due to the recent increase in the number of newly diagnosed patients and hospitalizations for COVID-19 in the state, the state government announced on the 19th that all hospitals across the state shall not remove the beds placed for the treatment of COVID-19 patients this year and postpone it All non-emergency surgeries ensure that patients with COVID-19 have enough beds.

Sao Paulo State New Crown Epidemic Emergency Committee member David Weipu believes that an important reason for the recent increase in new crown cases is that some people have not treated the unblocking properly and gathered without proper protection. Holidays have prompted People flock to crowded places such as beaches.

Brazilian medical experts said that there are more holidays and gatherings at the end of the year, and people must continue to consciously protect themselves and reduce gatherings.

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