Seeing the future in Wuzhen, the opening of the Internet Development Forum is coming soon

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On November 20, on Ciyun Road at the south gate of Wuzhen Scenic Area, policeman Yang Suhong of the Tongxiang Public Security Bureau wore a smart helmet and just glanced at the crowd. The temperature measurement of the human body can be completed. Once a person with a fever is found, the helmet will immediately alarm and transmit the situation on the spot to the headquarters in real time.”Dozens of people can be screened in one minute, which improves efficiency and greatly eases the pressure on duty.” Yang Suhong said.

World Internet Conference·The opening of the Internet Development Forum is about to open. At that time, the scenic area will be open to tourists, guests and reporters. Will also gather in Wuzhen. Facing the grand event held in a fully open environment, Wuzhen took advantage of the full coverage of the 5G network to provide convenience for the participants through network upgrades, smart empowerment, and sophisticated services.

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On November 20th, Wuzhen, Tongxiang, the exhibition hall of Internet Science and Technology Achievements was basically ready, and some exhibitors were making final adjustments to their exhibits. Zhejiang News Client Reporter Wang Zhijie, Film Friend Xu Xiaozhuo

The excellent network has smooth communication. This year the forum will carry out various activities in the form of”offline + online”. In order to ensure the normal network communication during the conference, China Telecom has built 5614 wireless access points in Wuzhen scenic area to realize the coverage of WiFi signals without blind spots. It can support hundreds of thousands of people to surf the Internet at the same time in the outdoor environment. People’s large traffic demand for Internet access.

Smart power precision escort. As the power protection work of the conference becomes normal, how to ensure reliable and efficient power supply? During the forum, there will be 16 intelligent inspection robots distributed in various substations in Wuzhen. opening and closing stations to automatically monitor the local temperature and visible light of the equipment Perception and real-time picture and data return, realizing unmanned inspection all-weather. In addition, there are 11 unmanned autonomous inspection robots on standby at any time to conduct inspections on 110 kV transmission lines and 10 kV distribution lines, building a high-quality and reliable power supply network with panoramic views and intelligent control of the entire network.

Wisdom Wuzhen”one network linkage”. In order to better receive guests, Wuzhen’s newly upgraded”Yunxiang Wuzhen” global governance platform was officially launched. With the help of a digital twin 3D panoramic map based on a 1:1 real scene, the platform can comprehensively perceive the operation of the town in real time. Master the operating status of light poles, surveillance, drones and other IoT devices. Relying on the online platform and through the empowerment of information technology, 3,724″Wuzhen Butlers” interacted offline to form a diversified collaborative system. Tourists and residents can use the”Wuzhen Housekeeper” APP to report dangers with one-click, equipment repairs, and report various social governance issues with one-click.

Volunteer service is meticulous and considerate. The volunteers of the conference,”Little Wutong”, came from various universities in Zhejiang. At present, 500″little phoenix trees” are divided into venues and activities service group, important guest liaison group, scenic road guidance service group, epidemic prevention and control and supervision and publicity group and other working groups, and they are familiar with them as soon as possible through venue stepping, simulation exercises, etc. Venue to better serve the conference.

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