Serie A-Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice, Juventus wins 2-0 at home

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CCTV News:November 22, 3:45, Beijing time (20:45, 21, Italy local time), Serie A began a contest in the 8th round. Juventus beat Cagliari 2-0 at home. Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice, Morata assisted the first goal, Demiral assisted and hit the head.

Pirlo replaced 5 starters. Delicht recovered from shoulder surgery and played for the first time this season, Buffon, Demiral, Artur, Bernarde Ski played, replacing Sichensny, Bonucci (injured), Chiellini (injured), Bentancourt , Frabota. Morata and Cristiano Ronaldo continue to partner with the striker, and Dybala is still sitting on the bench. Cagliari defeated Juventus 2-0 last season, but has not won against Juventus since 2007. Zhongwei Godin has been isolated because of the new crown.

Juventus took the lead with a shot in the penalty area for the first time. In the 38th minute, Morata scored the ball. Ronaldo dodged two defenders on the left side of the penalty area and pushed into the far corner from 13 meters in front of the goal, 1-0.

In only 4 minutes, Ronaldo has another victory! Quadrado made a pass from the right, Demiral flew the header and Ronaldo hit the near corner with a half-volley at 5 meters from the goal, 2-0.

Cagliari shot 0 in the first half. In the 8th minute of the second half, Quadrado took a corner kick from the right, and Demiral hit the crossbar with a header from the front of the penalty area!

Cagliari’s goal in the 67th minute was invalid. Unas made a straight pass. Marin made a pass from the right side. Cristiano Ronaldo made a penalty kick and cleared the pad to the back point. Crawan was in front of the goal. A header from 7 meters into the lower left corner, but Marin was sentenced to offside. Dybala, McKennie, Bentancur, Chiesa Jr., Alex Sandro played, replacing Morata, Rabio, Kulusevsky, Danilo, Dani Luo. Juventus finally won 2 to 0.

Juventus (4-4-2):77-Buffon/16-Quadrado , 28-Demiral, 4-Dricht, 13- Danilo (86′ Alex Sandro)/44-Kulusevsky (86′ Chiesa), 5 -Artur (85′ Bentancourt), 25- Rabio (69′ McKennie), 33- Bernardeschi/9- Morata (69′ Dybala), 7-C Luo

Cagliari (3-4-2-1):28- Cranio/19-Pizzacane, 15-Cravan (70’Carboni), 40-watt Lukiwicz/25-Zappa, 6-Rogge, 8-Marin (71′ Caligara), 3-Tripadelli (46’Sottir)/37-Unas (81 ‘Olivar), 10-Joao Pereiro/9-Simeone Junior (81’Pavoletti)