Shenhua coach Choi Kangxi will face old acquaintances tonight, whether Ulsan Hyundai’s 3 internationals can play is still to be determined

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After capturing Perth and winning the group stage, Shenhua will be in the AFC tonight Ushering in a tough battle-the opponent Ulsan Hyundai is the Korean K-League regular season champion. Cui Kangxi is very familiar with this team. Shenhua Will rotate the lineup to face the strong enemy in the best condition. In addition, 3 Ulsan Hyundai internationals who have returned from the”Tai Chi Tiger” are currently quarantined in a hotel in Doha because of the confirmed cases of the new crown in the Korea National Team , Waiting for the AFC Organizing Committee to confirm whether they can play during the game.

Ulsan Hyundai is a force in the K League, ranking among the top three in the league in recent years, and this year is even more regular The championship, but the final playoffs in the championship group unfortunately was overtaken by Jeonbuk Hyundai. No one in the Shenhua team is more familiar with this opponent than the coach Cui Kangxi. When Choi Shuai was a player, Ulsan Hyundai was the team he played for the longest time. He played 202 games there and left 10 goals and 22 assists. Later, he coached Jeonbuk Hyundai, and Ulsan Hyundai became Choi Kangxi’s foe. He led Jeonbuk and Ulsan in 41 clashes, losing only 9 games. The last time he led a team against Ulsan was in the K-League in 2018, when Jeonbuk Hyundai beat its opponent 3-1 at home.

Now with Shenhua in the first battle against Ulsan Hyundai, Choi Kangxi admitted that this opponent is very difficult to play.”Ulsan Hyundai has very good players in every position. They have very strong personal abilities and foreign aid. Good ability. The game will be very difficult for us. The team will try their best to play out the state and performance.” Choi Kangxi pointed to foreign aid, including Ulsan’s Brazilian striker Junior, the latter as the K-League Golden Boot 33 Scored 28 goals in this appearance, which is a severe test for Shenhua’s defense. However, Cui Shuai also made targeted deployment. Defender Eddie revealed:”I will observe his game video, summarize his game habits, and then allow myself to adapt to him and make changes according to the specific situation.”

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=967829627b7d5a421e021cb553a2fbad - Shenhua coach Choi Kangxi will face old acquaintances tonight, whether Ulsan Hyundai's 3 internationals can play is still to be determined

Caption:Ulsan Hyundai During training

Ulsan Hyundai tied with FC Tokyo 1-1 in the first round of the AFC Champions League. Currently, they are ranked third in the group with 1 point. The goal tonight is definitely to grab points as soon as possible. Shenhua will therefore rotate the lineup to meet the enemy in the best condition. Cui Kangxi explained:“There are a total of 6 games in the group stage, one every 3 days, and the schedule is very intensive. We need to constantly observe the status of the players. We will adopt a rotation method and try our best to play each game with existing personnel. One game.” Eddie said:”The whole team now has additional personnel. Everyone has a strong desire for the game. I believe that physical strength is not a big problem.”

This game is another one. What attracts attention is whether several Ulsan Hyundai internationals can play. Because some players of the South Korean national team were tested to be infected with the new crown virus. Among them, the goalkeeper Cho Hyun Woo is from Ulsan. Therefore, the other three returnees Kim Tae-hwan, Jeong Seung-hyun and Won Doo-jae are currently under quarantine observation in Doha as close contacts, although their The nucleic acid test is negative, but the organizing committee’s notification is still needed for whether to play. (Jin Lei, chief reporter of Xinmin Evening News)