Shenhua loses 1:3 to Ulsan Hyundai, China Super League team suffers first defeat in AFC season

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China News Service, November 22. The second round of the AFC Champions League Group F group stage ended on the evening of the 21st. Shanghai Shenhua lost to 1:3.Ulsan Hyundai suffered its first defeat in the AFC this season. In the first half, Yin Bi Jiaran scored twice, and in the second half, Kim Ki-hei extended the score for Ulsan Hyundai. After that, Shenhua’s substitute Zhu Jianrong scored a goal.

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It is worth mentioning that the previous Chinese Super League

Span> The team’s four appearances all ended with victory. Shenhua lost to Ulsan, which also became the first defeat of the fourth team in the AFC Champions League this season.

Shenhua sent a number of young players to play in this field, and the only foreign aid was Mbia. In the 19th minute of the first half, Shenhua fell on the right defensive line, Yin Bi Jialan drove straight in and pushed into the penalty area with a shot that was saved by Li Shuai. Although Mbia shoveled the ball before Juniol made a supplementary shot, the ball came to Yin Bigaran’s control, and the latter pushed the ball to break the deadlock.

In the 40th minute, Ulsan Hyundai made a comeback. They played smoothly in the center and frontcourt. Junior received the ball and leaned against Mbia to pass the penalty area. Lee Sang-hyun pushed the middle and scored a goal. Yin Bi Jialan rushed to the goal, pushed the upper right corner of the goal and scored twice.

In the 63rd minute, Ulsan Hyundai got the chance of a free kick on the left side of the frontcourt. Shin Hei-ho took the ball and Jin Ji-hee, who had played for Shenhua, headed the ball into the goal after a header. The score became 3:0 and Shenhua was very passive.

Towards the end of the game, Shenhua finally scored a goal in the 89th minute. Mbia’s barely shot was blocked by the opponent, and then he took the opportunity to divide the ball to the right, Wang Wei passed in, and came off the bench. Zhu Jianrong jumped to the top and scored with a header.

The 3:1 score continued to the final whistle. Shenhua suffered its first defeat in the AFC this season. At the same time, the 4th Super League team also suffered their first defeat in the AFC Champions League. In the standings, Shenhua dropped to third place with 3 points and Ulsan rose to the top with 4 points. However, Shenhua, who holds a three-pointer, has a chance to re-enter the promotion zone at any time as long as he finishes the next game. (End)

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