Shenhua loses points and is overtaken by Tokyo. If you want to qualify for the group, you may need”extreme manipulation”

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After coming to Doha, Yu Hanchao, who has had many AFC experiences In an interview, he said:Every opponent in the AFC Champions League is strong, and every game must be played well. Last night, Shenhua experienced the cruel competition in the AFC. In the second game of the back-to-back duel, after losing 1-2 to FC Tokyo, The advantage established only three days ago was quickly regained by the same opponent. After the points fell to third in the group, Shenhua had no time to breathe. The last two rounds were a life and death battle.

Strike, 1 point is difficult to hold

After defeating FC Tokyo in the last round, Shenhua scored 6 points with 2 wins and 1 loss. In the second matchup, the hopes of qualifying were greatly increased. Before the game was asked if tonight’s goal was only 1 point, the coach Cui Kangxi said:”We really won the first game. But there is an element of luck in this. FC Tokyo is a very difficult team to play, they have very good players on the offensive line. We must do a good defensive game in this game, we must be very cautious. On the premise of doing a good defense To show our offensive characteristics.”

Because of the accumulation of yellow cards, Mbia and Qian Jie were suspended in this game, Cui Kangxi’s starting lineup was ranked in the”All China Class”, Eddie and Feng Xiaoting partnered with central defender, Qin Sheng served as the defensive midfielder, Yu Hanchao was on the left wing, Bi Jinhao was the center, the injured Moreno and Jin Xinyu entered the substitute list. Consolidating defense is still Shenhua’s top priority.

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Picture:FC Tokyo celebrates scoring Xinhua News Agency picture

From the first minute of the opening, FC Tokyo, which is determined to win, launched a fierce attack. After Shenhua Prevent greater pressure. Soon after Feng Xiaoting blocked Nagai’s shot, the opponent Leondro tried Li Shuai with continuous shots, who flew to save the ball. After that, Li Shuai attacked in time to seal the opponent’s single-handed attack by Kensuke Nagai. The fans sighed that Li Shuai was”open and hung up last night!” Without the 38-year-old”handsome” high resistance, FC Tokyo would have rewritten the score. But persisted for an hour, the gate of Shenhua was still broken. In a counterattack, Shenhua had a gap in the right side of the defense, Leondro got the ball into the penalty area, and a low shot broke Li Shuai’s ten fingers.

Below 0 to 1, Cui Kangxi replaced Moreno, Jin Xinyu, Liu Ruofan and Jiang Shenglong to step up the offense. Soon, Moreno, who broke into the penalty area, had a chance to make a single move, but unfortunately the ball was confiscated by the opponent’s goalkeeper in advance. In the final stage, Shenhua played more concisely. The long pass found Moreno and Jin Xinyu’s two high points, but the opponent seized Shenhua’s chance to lose the ball. Instead, Abe Hiradou scored another goal to expand the lead.

Encouragement, the core is back

Compared with the last round of three defensive midfielders to withstand the impact of FC Tokyo, they faced the same one last night Opponent, Shenhua’s defense is even more important. As Cui Kangxi reminded, the opponent has very good offensive players. The Brazilian striker Leandro, who was in poor form last night, seemed to have changed himself last night, frequently attacking Shenhua’s defense. After scoring a goal, he also tore through the Shenhua defense line from the left rib and passed the ball to the goal. Fortunately, Li Shuai blocked the opponent’s Adelton shot. The physical consumption of the intensive schedule, coupled with the frequent impact of opponents, made Shenhua’s defense loose. Speaking of the loss after the game, full-back Wen Jiabao said:”In these two games, our overall defense was good. In the first and this game, we did a good job of restricting our opponents, but we did not control the second penalty kick. .”

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Picture:Moreno (first from left) wins a goal for Shenhua Xinhua News Agency picture

Although the ball is lost, what inspired Shenhua is The two offensive cores are back. Before the end, after receiving a return pass from Liu Ruofan’s right rib, Moreno scored a low arc in the penalty area and scored a goal for Shenhua. And when Jin Xinyu even warmed up on the sidelines, he gave Yu Hanchao, who took a corner kick,”teaching secrets”, showing a strong desire to win. Wen Jiabao said:”The captain and center are back. We will go all out to play the last two group matches.”

And in the last two rounds, how did Shenhua qualify? After losing this round, Shenhua’s points stayed at 6 points, and FC Tokyo gained 7 points and moved to second place in the group. The first in the group is Ulsan Hyundai with 10 points. Considering that FC Tokyo and Ulsan Hyundai will play against each other in the fifth round, Shenhua will face Perth glory in the same round. If you want to qualify, you must strive to win, and then look at the points of the other two teams to make a strategy. If Ulsan scores all 3 points, then Shenhua, who won Perth, overtakes Tokyo in points. In the last round, when opponent Ulsan will not try to qualify in advance, Shenhua is very hopeful to continue to grab points and overwhelm Tokyo to qualify; if Ulsan ties or loses For Tokyo, Shenhua must win Ulsan in the final round to ensure the qualifying.

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Caption:Can Cui Kangxi lead Shenhua to break through the group? Xinhua News Agency map

And Shenhua currently has a lot of injuries and can’t make the strongest lineup. Regarding this, Choi Kangxi said:”The loss of this game means that we must do our best to win the next game, including the last game against Ulsan Hyundai. Although our situation is very difficult, we will do our best. Go ahead.” (Xinmin Evening News Chief Correspondent Jin Lei)

Reporter’s Notes:Remembering the King of the Ball

Last night’s AFC Champions League, before the battle , The players first stand together and mourn for the king of the ball Maradona.

Two days ago, the news of Maradona’s sudden death came, which made the whole football grief. The king of the ball was only 60 years old when he died, and many people still cannot accept this fact. Maradona later coached in many teams in the United Arab Emirates and also contributed to Asian football. In this round of the AFC Champions League, the AFC made a decision to arrange a silent ceremony before the game to commemorate the king of all of us.

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Picture:Shenhua and FC Tokyo players mourned Maradona’s Xinhua News Agency picture

Before the start of the match between Shenhua and FC Tokyo in Group F, Members of the two teams stood in the middle circle, bowing their heads in silence for Maradona. On the big screen of the stadium, there are large-scale photos of the AFC and the AFC Champions League paying tribute to the king. In the photos, a curly-haired Diego is full of spirits, showing a familiar smile.

When learning the sad news of the death of the ball king, the Shenhua players had just finished training and had dinner in the hotel. Goalkeeper Li Shuai wrote on Weibo:“Those heroes who grew up with you are leaving one by one.” Forward Gaudi described this year full of sorrows as “uncommon 2020”:“Rest in peace. .”

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Caption:Cui Kangxi and Maradona took a photo

The memory of the ball king, so it became the theme of this round of the AFC. Shenhua coach Cui Kangxi also mentioned his relationship with Maradona. When coaching Jeonbuk Hyundai, he led a team to Dubai for training camps and had some exchanges with Ma, who served as the Dubai publicity ambassador. Cui Kangxi also took a photo of himself with the king of the ball.”As a footballer, the death of such a great football player is really very painful.”

Last night In the moment of silence, Cui Kangxi on the coaching bench lowered his head and closed his eyes to bid farewell to the ball king in his heart. After the game, he once again stated that Maradona was a star who left a great impression on fans all over the world. He died at this age. It is very regrettable.”Now the whole world is sad for this. I feel very sorry for this, this is for the whole world, not just for the Korean team.” (Jin Lei)