Speak to politicians in the battlefield not to support Biden, Trump is accused of planning an”electoral coup”

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The post-election chaos in the United States continues. According to US media reports, the President’s Trump challenged the election results in courts across the country did not work well, so he changed his strategy. He tried to manipulate the Electoral College system to plan”electoral coups”, that is, to prevent key battlefield states from certifying local election results and persuade Republican congressmen And officials appoint people who support him to vote for the elector so that he can continue to control the White House. According to reports, the US President-elect Biden’s team and legal experts believe that Trump’s actions are difficult to succeed.

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“Electoral Coup”?

According to the Associated Press report on the 19th, Biden has Won nearly 80 million votes, a record high. Georgia Secretary of State Ravensperger said on Thursday that after recounting the state’s 5 million votes, Biden still leads Trump by about 12,000 votes. Biden became the first Democratic presidential candidate to win in Georgia in 28 years. The six major battlefield states that Biden won, including Georgia, Michigan, etc., will all certify the election results before December 1. According to the procedures of these states, the winner of the general election can only be officially confirmed after the election result is officially certified.

The Wall Street Journal quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that in Michigan, Lampe is trying to prevent the state from confirming the election results. On the 19th, Trump invited two Republican congressman leaders from Michigan-the state’s Senate Majority Leader Sheki and House Speaker Chatfield to participate in a meeting held in the White House on the afternoon of the 20th. According to CNN, the President of the United States even personally called two Republican election officials in Wayne County, Michigan. Trump also asked his aides, in order to prevent the election results from being certified and avoid finalizing his loss to Biden, which Republican officials in swing states could he still ask for help? Trump seems to be practicing a very dubious legal theory that If the election results are not certified, then the Republican-controlled state legislature can intervene and nominate to support Trump in the state where Biden won the election. Of those who served as electors and supported Trump at the Electoral College meeting on December 14, thereby subverting the election results. Xie Ji previously called this practice an”electoral coup.”

Juliani:Venezuela, Soros, etc.

All interfere in the U.S. election

Trump’s personal lawyer Giuliani is also actively running for the president. He held a 90-minute press conference on Thursday, claiming that Venezuela and other countries, American businessman Soros and Democratic”liars” conspired to win the US election. The former mayor of New York City emphasized that the fraud in this election is not a single phenomenon. It may be concentrated in one place and then spread widely in large cities controlled by the Democratic Party. Giuliani claimed that the Trump campaign team already had enough”illegal votes” in Nevada, Wisconsin and other states, more than double the number of votes required to overturn the vote count. Not only that, the team also received more than 1,000 citizen affidavits concerning election fraud, and the number is still increasing.

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On the 19th local time, Giuliani held a press conference in Washington .

Most American media believe that Giuliani’s claims are not supported by evidence. According to the”Washington Post” report on the 19th, Giuliani’s press release on Thursday made Trump very satisfied, but it made many people uneasy. The Democratic leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, Hoyer, stated that Giuliani is destroying the essence of democracy and his statement is almost treason. Krebs, former director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Bureau of the Department of Homeland Security, who was fired by Trump for declaring that the election was safe a few days ago, criticized Giuliani’s press conference as the most dangerous in American history. , Probably the craziest”news program”. Some White House consultants believe that Giuliani did this to make money and maintain influence.

Biden:Do not rule out prosecuting the current government

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The Biden team said on Thursday that it believes Trump’s efforts to veto the election results will fail. Biden said on the 19th that Trump refused to carry out an orderly transfer of power and was one of the most irresponsible presidents in American history. In response to the president’s intervention in the Michigan election certification process, Biden said that it is difficult to understand what this person thinks. He warned that Trump’s actions are sending a very destructive message to other countries about the operation of democracy. Biden said that he does not rule out the possibility of filing a lawsuit against the Trump administration, which refuses to recognize the election results.

New York Times believes that Trump Efforts to subvert the election results are almost doomed to failure.”Washington Post” took Michigan as an example and stated that according to the law, relevant agencies of the local election committee of the state should certify the results of the general election based on the voting results. In addition, if the relevant agencies have disputes when certifying the election results, the Democratic governor Whitmer has the right to dismiss members of the above agencies without the approval of the legislature and appoint temporary successors. The Trump campaign dropped the lawsuit in Michigan on the 19th, claiming that it had successfully prevented Wayne County, the most populous state in the state, from verifying the voting results. CNN and other media said that Wayne County Republican officials who were personally called by Trump stated that there were serious violations during the voting period and they refused to authenticate Biden as winning. However, according to ABC reports, the Michigan Secretary of State spokesperson stated that at this point in time, the two Republican officials have no right to deny the election results. The latest survey conducted by the American polling agency”Rasmussen Report” shows that 61%of Americans believe that Trump should admit defeat.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Electoral College will be held on December 14 Voting will be held today. Trump’s denial of defeat has no precedent in modern American history and has aroused dissatisfaction among many Republicans. Several Republicans who previously supported Trump’s lawsuit against the election results are now discouraged by what they see as an action that has no chance of success. Republican Senator Romney criticized that Trump publicly pressured state and local officials to overthrow the results of the election. It is hard to imagine that the incumbent US president would act worse and more undemocratic than this. CNN commented on Friday that Trump has escalated his attack on American democracy.


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