Stand up! Venezuela withstood US sanctions and pumped blood for our country

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Many of China’s neighboring countries are staunch followers of the United States, and they have caused considerable trouble to China in many international affairs. But on the American continent, the backyard of the United States South America also has such a country close to China and Russia adjacent to the United States, which is Venezuela. Venezuela has a close relationship with China in recent years, and even allows Venezuela to withstand the sanctions imposed by the United States and also send oil to China.

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Report by Reuters

According to Reuters exclusive on November 27 According to reports, Venezuela has resumed direct oil shipments to China. The authoritative media of the shipping industry”Lloyd Ship Daily” also reported on November 24 that oil tankers flying the Chinese and Vietnamese flags have resumed transportation of Venezuelan oil. But on the 25th, a U.S. Treasury official once again threatened that “people involved in Venezuelan oil industry activities face the risk of sanctions.” Since January last year, the U.S. Treasury Department has imposed sanctions on Venezuela’s Petroleum Corporation, and the U.S. has subsequently expanded its sanctions on Venezuelan oil exports. But even if the United States continues to increase sanctions, Venezuela can still bypass the United States and find suitable oil buyers.

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Venezuela’s oil production change map

The contradiction between Venezuela and the United States began during the Cold War. At that time, Venezuela was a”nail” placed under the feet of the US by the Soviet camp, which posed a considerable threat to the United States. , Just like Cuba. It is worth mentioning that when you think of oil, you definitely think that the Middle East is the richest, but in fact, Venezuela has the highest oil reserves in the world. It’s just that Venezuela’s oil production is particularly low compared to the major oil countries in the Middle East, and only others have. Less than one tenth. But even so, Venezuela’s oil exports have become the country’s main source of economy. Since 2006, the US has imposed an arms embargo on Venezuela on the grounds of “non-cooperation with anti-terrorism operations”. During the Trump administration, the U.S. sanctions against Venezuela became more severe. If it does not recognize the Maduro government, freeze all oil assets of the Commission in the United States, or even take actions to assassinate Maduro, etc. The difficulties of the Maduro government.

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Maduro was assassinated by U.S. drones

Since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, China has become the main buyer of Venezuelan oil exports following the Soviet Union. However, as the US sanctions against Venezuela continue to increase, Venezuela broke out Serious social conflicts and continued decline in oil production have failed to meet China’s import demand, and China-Venezuela oil trade has stalled. Some foreign media reported that PetroChina stopped importing crude oil from Venezuela since August last year. The good news is that as Russia and Saudi Arabia have continuously attacked the United States on the oil issue in recent years, the United States itself has suffered a major blow to its energy industry and has no time to take into account the oil sanctions against Venezuela. So recently, a year later, a Chinese oil tanker appeared in Venezuelan ports again. Venezuela finally managed to withstand the oppression of the United States and became a good partner for the continuous supply of energy to China.

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Chinese oil tanker in Venezuela

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Maduro said that Chinese companies have carried out pragmatic cooperation in Venezuela and made positive contributions to Venezuela’s economic and social development. Venezuela cannot recover from the suppression without China. All countries that are not afraid of US hegemony should unite and fight against bullying together to achieve an equal and win-win cooperation model with China, Venezuela, China and Brazil, and China and Africa. (Wind noise)