start again! Vivo’s OriginOS hands-on experience after a year of polishing

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What kind of system will make people’s eyes shine, the answer is to have a”outstanding” difference. Looking at the domestic mobile phone manufacturers, each has a highly customized system, but there are only a handful of systems that can truly differentiate and make users applaud.

In order to solve the needs of users’ pain points, vivo finally offered its own”killer” on the system. On November 18th, vivo’s new system, OriginOS, which took a year of polishing, arrived as scheduled. Personality, agility and simplicity, the entire interface is completely new, and the author is the first to experience it. So, what are the changes in the new system? What is its significance for the future development of vivomobile phone system?

The new interaction created by small components has two systems to choose from

OriginOS’s desktop layout has changed a lot this time. The APP icon should be flat when it is flat, and when it is an object, it not only greatly improves the beauty and ease of use of the UI, but also redesigned the display around the information level. This is very different from the previous Funtounch OS.

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Huarong Grid The desktop is more agile

First of all, OriginOS industry debuts”Huarong Grid“It is a new desktop grid system designed for the bottom frame of the desktop. The icons and components on the desktop have a high degree of freedom. The spacing, size, and space occupied can all be adjusted independently, as long as you use your imagination , Aesthetics can decide by itself.

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The spacing, size, and space occupied by icons and components can be customized and adjusted

Most people now have as many as hundreds of apps installed on their mobile phones, and the apps are scattered on various interfaces, and the presentation of information is very bloated . The new OriginOS desktop breaks this old idea. The atomic component allows us to view the itinerary, calendar, gallery, and current weather conditions without entering the APP, and we can complete what we want on the desktop, which can solve problems quickly and easily. .

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The atomic component will display the core information and you can view it without entering the APP

OriginOS’s information notifications are more”restrained”. Atomic notifications only display the current core information. When the screen is turned on, It will not give you all the complicated information all at once. It is integrated with the time components on the desktop, and key information such as airplanes, trains, movies, express delivery, and conferences will be displayed in the 2*1 limit space.

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Integration of atomic notification and time component to create schedule is more convenient

Information presentation should not exist to steal the focus of vision, and users should not assume a passive role in information reception. OriginOS’s approach to simplifying the complexity fits the general needs of current users.

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Atom Walkman integrates commonly used music apps to make listening to songs more convenient

The next interesting feature is Atomic Walkman, which can integrate commonly used music apps together. Although the components are small, But it also includes playing, pausing and switching songs, and even the sound source can be switched between different APPs. The function is more like an MP3 player. For friends who love to listen to music, this function is very practical.

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Use the deformer to switch between the two systems with one click

As mentioned earlier, OriginOS is a very flexible and personalized system. The major changes to the interface may make users uncomfortable. For this reason, OriginOS is the first in the industry. Deformer” function. Click on Parallel Vision to switch between the two systems at any time. The most important thing is to share data without taking up extra space.

OriginOS gives the user the control of the system, a flexible and changeable desktop, the convenience of atomic components, and a changeable interface at any time. The new system is a good reference for domestic mobile phone manufacturers to reshape the information management method.

Change passive acceptance into active exploration interaction, more personalized

full-screen system interaction , Mainly based on sliding operation, but everyone’s operating habits are different, and the way of interaction should be personalized, rather than passive adaptation.

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Using the interactive pool to choose the operation gesture you are accustomed to is not logically Will be chaotic

OriginOS’s”Interaction Pool” function turns passive operation into active exploration. We can customize the operation gestures , Control center call out location, system navigation mode and other options. No matter what mobile phone you used before, you can adjust it to your familiar operation mode.

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Call out Super Card Pack from any interface

For most people, we need to scan WeChat, Alipay, payment code and bus code and other high-frequency operations, but every time It seems very troublesome to open the APP.

To solve this pain point, the new system brings an important function of”Super Card Pack“, whether it’s the lock screen state or While watching the video, we only need to swipe inward at the lower right corner of the screen to call up the Super Card Pack shortcut operation.

Because the super card package has a high priority, it can be called out on any interface (including the off-screen interface), which is quite convenient. Once you get used to it, you may be really inseparable.

To make the digital world more temperature is to contact the real world more

OriginOS is in the details The optimization of Vision Window can establish a connection with our real world through the change of wallpaper. The sky window can change in real time according to the current weather conditions; the time window is the light change from sunset to sunrise of one day, making subtle changes to the screen brightness and color temperature; behavior wallpaper is more like advocating a healthy way of life, using daily walking Steps, let the flowers on the wallpaper bloom slowly, and you will have a small sense of accomplishment after completion.

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The behavioral wallpaper can set the target step number independently

In addition, timeline design is also a temperature function. APP pictures will gradually change with our operations. For example, phone calls, notes or file management, there will be different details before and after use. APP icons such as alarm clocks, photo albums, and schedule creation are no exception. This is necessary Users dig slowly.

Not only the major changes to the interactive interface, OriginOS also explains the optimization of fluency and safety. For example, OriginOS has developed a set of measurable visual experience solutions, such as linear rebound effects, parabolic application exit dynamic effects, etc. The smoothness of the interaction is more in line with the visual intuition of the human eye.

The new system still has a lot of functional optimizations. I will not describe them one by one here. Although it is still in the initial stage, there is a lot of room for mining. But I have to admit that vivo’s major changes to the new system this time really give us a fresh feeling.

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How long have you not encountered a mobile phone system that makes your eyes shine? When problems are raised, I believe many people have no bottom in their hearts. The current homogenization of the system will inevitably make people aesthetically tired, but after getting started with OriginOS, it does bring a long-lost freshness to people.

Recalling the past, the system interaction interface of mobile phones has been constantly changing along with the changes in the shape of the mobile phone. , Up to now, the”new digital world” created by OriginOS uses small components as a unit to better combine flat and pseudo-materialized styles, making the interaction logic and the way of information presentation greatly changed.

At the time of information overload, OriginOS maximizes the use of icon elements. Key information is presented in the space of the icon limit, and the system hierarchy becomes “heavy” but interactive The way is simpler and purer. Such a personalized operating system not only satisfies the user’s differentiated experience, but also made vivo a beautiful turnaround.


p style=”text-align:start”> What users want is often not a product that the producer thinks is good, but a product that can convince users. At least from the current point of view, vivo has captured the users’ urgent desire to change, and we will wait and see how OriginOS will develop in the future.