Students use the rising sun flag as the Japanese national flag? University response:deep reflection

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Recently, Nanjing Normal University

In an on-campus event,

On a booth displaying Japanese culture

The Japanese military flag”Rising Sun Flag””,

After the relevant photos go online

a lot of netizens pay attention.

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In the aggressive war launched by Japan, scenes of burning, killing and plundering by Japanese soldiers are often accompanied by the”sun flag”. Today, the”Rising Sun Flag” is regarded as a symbol of Japanese militarism, just like a Nazi symbol, and is resisted by peace-loving people in the world.

The school’s response:Deep introspection

At 21:14 on the 19th, Nanjing Normal University announced the situation regarding the hoisting of the Japanese”Rising Sun Flag” in the school’s recent student activities Description.

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In the early morning of November 19, 2020, the school discovered that some netizens posted on Weibo saying that the Japanese”sun flag” was hoisted in the campus activities of our students. After receiving the information, the school leaders attached great importance to it and instructed the functional departments to immediately conduct a situation investigation with the college.

After in-depth investigations with the event organizer, relevant students and counselors, the specific situation is reported as follows:

It will be held at 9 o’clock in the morning of November 14 in our school. In the international cultural exhibition activities of students, a student in charge of the Japanese booth, in order to showcase Japanese culture, when looking for pictures about Japanese elements from the Internet, he regarded the”sun flag” as a Japanese flag, downloaded, printed and hung, and was photographed by other students online . At around 10 o’clock, after the event organizer found a problem with the booth picture, the student immediately took down the picture and made an acknowledgment and an apology online.

According to the investigation, the key to arousing public opinion is that the student in charge of the Japanese booth regards the”Rising Sun Flag” as the Japanese flag. After the incident, the school instructed the college to conduct serious criticism and education on the student, and asked the college and classmates to deeply reflect and review.

The occurrence of this incident revealed that the school has weak links in the daily ideological and political education of students, and there are deficiencies in the management and guidance of campus cultural activities.

The school will deeply reflect on this incident, and use this as a lesson to take practical measures to resolutely avoid similar problems from happening again.

The first is to adhere to the orientation of cultivating people by virtue, and carry out in-depth education of the”Four History” throughout the school to guide students to strengthen their ideals and beliefs and cultivate patriotic feelings.

The second is to strengthen the management and guidance of campus cultural activities, improve the work system, strictly control the ideological and political barriers, and guard the campus position.

The third is to implement management responsibilities, sort out and investigate in depth, eliminate hidden dangers, and create a positive and healthy education environment.

Thanks to all sectors of society for their supervision and guidance on the work of the school.

The issue of”the flying of the rising sun flag on the campus of Nanning Normal University” is hotly discussed

The school’s response rushed to the hot search

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Many netizens said:

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CCTV’s comment also stated,

Such a thing,

It really shouldn’t happen in Nanjing, and it shouldn’t happen in Normal University.

Protect the pure land on campus,

Don’t be careless!

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Comments from China Youth Group:

If you use the”Rising Sun Flag” as the national flag of Japan, you are wrong if you are wrong.

Japan is a neighboring country of our country. It stands to reason. Many Chinese people are familiar with the style of the Japanese flag. Some people think that in Nanjing, a place where Japanese militarism has committed torrential crimes, it is even more inappropriate for such a scene to appear. Just in terms of cultural common sense that a college student should understand, it is unacceptable to make such a mistake. Although there are not many cases of the”sun flag” appearing in public places in China, college students can still distinguish the Japanese flag from the”sun flag” in various ways, at least knowing the correct style of the Japanese flag.

Wrong is wrong. The students involved undoubtedly need to learn profound lessons from this matter, strengthen the study of historical common sense, and stop doing behaviors that hurt national feelings. For educators who have the responsibility of ideological guidance and knowledge transfer, they should also use this as a lesson to reflect on the deficiencies of educational methods and concepts.

It should be pointed out that in the current daily ideological and political education or historical education of students, there is still a certain problem of facial makeup. In order to cope with the entrance examination, some teachers and students regard ideological and political education and history education as a subject of”rote memorization”, such as memorizing historical evaluations in textbooks, but they lack a systematic understanding of history. In fact, history education seems to be composed of many”knowledge points”, but only by mastering the large historical framework can we accurately understand historical facts, without missing important knowledge points, and preventing mistakes that ridicule and harm national feelings.

A full understanding of the historical context can accurately grasp the knowledge points, rather than”rote memorization”. This is the profound lesson this incident left for educators and students. Of course, the author believes that it is unnecessary to conduct personal attacks on the individual students involved, inflict cyber violence, or even label them as”Jingri” on the Internet. A very small number of”Jing Japanese elements” confuse right and wrong values ​​and are ideologically stubborn scum. For college students who are still immature in thinking and still in the learning stage, they need to correct their mistakes and strengthen their learning in time.

Japanese militarism is an ideology that goes against modern civilization and goes against the trend of history. To resist militarism, we must stand on a civilized standpoint. In this way, it is conducive to restore history, correct prejudice, gather national sentiment, and unite all kind and friendly forces.

Source:China Youth Daily