The annual output value of Anhui’s new display industry exceeds 100 billion yuan

By yqqlm yqqlm


On November 19, the reporter learned from the Anhui Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology that the annual output value of the new display industry in Anhui Province has exceeded 100 billion yuan. Liquid crystal display devices The main business income accounts for more than one-fifth of the country, and the cluster development effect is outstanding.

“In recent years, the new display industry in Anhui Province has grown from nothing, from small to large, and from weak to strong, forming a whole industrial chain layout of’from sand to complete machine’.” Deputy Director-General Ke Wenbin said that Anhui Province takes display panels as the core, and uses glass substrates, driver chips, targets, liquid crystals, photoresists, and special gases as supporting facilities to drive downstream smart terminals such as TVs, computers, and wearable devices. Fully developed.

The reporter learned that the new display industry in Anhui Province originated from the”pain of lack of screens” of electronic products such as televisions and computers in my country. Since 2008, Hefei City has supported BOE to invest in the construction of 3 high-generation liquid crystal display device production lines, helping BOE to become the world’s leading company in display device shipments, and also helping my country’s flat panel display industry to achieve a leap from following to leading. . Hefei has been listed by the National Development and Reform Commission as one of the three new display device industry clusters in the country.

It is reported that there are still new display industry projects under construction in Anhui Province with a planned investment of about 100 billion yuan, including Visionox flexible screen projects and rainbow glass substrate projects.