The Chinese Super League’s “Strongest Salary Limit Order”, High Opposition

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Chen Xuyuan, Chairman of the Chinese Football Association

Chinese Super League“The strongest salary limit order” may be It’s really coming. According to relevant media sources, in the 2021 season, the highest salary standard for Chinese players may not exceed 5 million before tax, or it may not exceed 3 million after tax. Compared with the previous standard of 12 million in national football’s maximum salary, it is cut by more than 50%; and the maximum salary of foreign aid may also be limited to 3 million euros before the maximum tax. In this regard, the club and public opinion have different opinions. Yangtze Evening News/Ziniu News reporter

Zhang Chenyuan, Sun Yunyue, Zhang Hao

How did the original”salary limit order” come about?

At the end of 2018, the Chinese Football Association announced the investment standards for the 2019 season at the year-end league summary meeting. Among them, the maximum salary of the Chinese Super League players is 10 million yuan before tax. National team players participating in the 2019 Asian Cup and the 2022 Qatar World Cup qualifiers will increase by 20%on the basis of their personal maximum salary, which is a maximum of 12 million yuan.

The original intention of the Football Association’s”restricted salary” is to promote the healthy development of professional leagues at all levels, reduce the financial burden of professional league clubs, standardize the salary system, transfer market, strict regulatory measures, and promote professional club youth training And protect the interests of club youth training. In the 2020 season, the”Salary Limitation Order” continues, and the salary of foreign players signed after January 1, 2020 shall not exceed 3 million euros after tax.

Why does the Football Association issue an”enhanced” salary limit order?

From the 2019 to 2020 season, many clubs withdrew one after another. Nearly half of the Chinese Super League clubs experienced varying degrees of wage arrears and transfer fees. The raging epidemic not only caused the clubs to make ends meet, but also caused the clubs behind The parent company has more or less financial problems. With the living environment becoming more stringent, further salary limits may be an important way to ensure the survival of the club. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that the Football Association once again introduced a more radical”salary limit order.”

According to”Beijing Youth Daily”, in September this year, Chen Xuyuan, the chairman of the Chinese Football Association, took the opportunity to inspect the Chinese Super League in the Dalian Division and”meet” with the heads of the clubs playing in the Division. The salary limit of domestic professional league players has also been mentioned. Regarding”the annual salary limit of local players is halved, or even further reduced”, both the Chinese Football Association and the majority of Super League clubs have already had psychological expectations.

Why was the”strongest salary limit order” opposed by the majority?

However, after the”wind noise” was released for further salary restrictions, it aroused a lot of opposition. According to some senior media sources, most clubs do not welcome this policy; fans and the media also oppose this policy.

From the perspective of the club, on the one hand, clubs with good business conditions and still competitive will lose everyone in a “one size fits all” situation; on the other hand, the reshuffle of the salary structure may trigger the locker room turmoil.

From the perspective of fans, the salary limit means that big-name foreign players further”escape” from the Super League, and the competitiveness and appreciation of the Super League will be greatly reduced; from the perspective of youth training, they”eat youth” The expected income is limited, and the number of young people who invest in this industry in the future will inevitably decrease, which will make the youth training even worse.

Of course, there are still some voices who believe that if the current”salary limit order” is a choice made after the establishment of the”professional league council” in conjunction with the market, it will be fine; but the Football Association has repeatedly stated To set up a”professional league council” but there has been no following situation, and then the Football Association to implement the”salary limit order” in the form of”executive orders”, it is very inappropriate.

Source:Yangtze Evening News